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Saturday, August 3, 2013


We have been in Houston for a few days. I have been sick. After seeing the Dr in San Antonio I realized  the medicines were not working. I am in excruciating pain.
It has been a long few days.
I am not much company for Pops and being in pain is making me grouchy.
This morning we found another walk in clinic and I went.
They were busy. And there was some kind of trouble with our insurance cards. So after a good length of time, and a few sobbing tears I finally got called back.
The lady Dr affirmed that I did have a severe ear infection. My eardrum is swollen and bulging. She could see pus behind it. She said my ear drops did not have the needed antibiotic so she took me off those and gave me other ones with an antibiotic and "might" help with the swelling.
She also discontinued my amoxicillin and gave me a different, stronger antibiotic. She also gave me a strong pill for pain, enough for 4 days, no refills.
She wants me to see an ENT on Monday. She insists. And when I call if they say they can't see me, I am to call her she will get me in.
She thinks they will pierce my eardrum to release the pressure. She said that will give me instant relief but also slight hearing loss. She said then they may put a tube in to help with the draining or just repair the hole. 
I am not interested in having my eardrum pierced. No, thank you.
I am earnestly praying that the meds will work wonderfully. Please pray that for me.
In the meantime, I cannot work. So we must only choose local runs that Pops can do alone or not work at all.
Well, we were near normal for awhile. 

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