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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our weekend

We slept fast, but well in the church yard. We got up and went to breakfast with Joe and Eleanora Guthrie and Ellerie. 
We had such a nice time. Of course Miss Ellerie, who is 10 going on 30, educated all of us on the origins of certain fruits. We talked a lot about her school and her gymnastics. She also gave us a lot of facts about the alligator that lives in their neighborhood. She loves to talk. But that's ok, I like to listen.
Then we spent another hour or so at their home before we had to leave. It sure was good to see them and to see Joe looking much better and stronger than when I had seen him last.
Then we got on the road.
Ellerie and Lucy having fun.

We picked up our load in North Charleston and I continued to drive to the Virginia line. Pops took over from there.
We stopped at the Delaware line for a shower. It was 3:30 am. I went back to sleep after that. 
Pops drove us to the church that we were going to. It is High Acres Christian Church in Ansonia, CT. 
Wow, did we hear a sermon. He was definitely not afraid to speak the truth of God and based on the "amens" that I heard, the people can take hearing the truth.
Everyone was very warm and friendly. 
After services we went to a nearby plaza and shopped for groceries. I shopped at ShopRite. I used to always shop at ShopRite when we lived in CT, but that was 31 years ago. 
Ok, that just made me feel really old!
Now we are relaxing and passing some time until it's time to move closer. We are scheduled to deliver near Boston at 8am tomorrow morning.

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