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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We saw the crazy ratrod in a parking lot.

Last night's sunset was pretty.

This giant statue can be seen from the interstate. 

Portal is the very small village right on the Canadian border. We stopped here for a minute to prepare to cross. I loved the flowers. They have been growing along the highway for many miles.

North Dakota has many rolling hills and plains. It is beautiful farm land and an enjoyable ride.

Saskatchewan continues with the wide open prairies. The fields go on forever.

I just love the old buildings that are everywhere.

Here is an old church.

We stayed a few hours here.

This is the same rest area as above.

There aren't many towns or cities. Lloydminster straddles two provinces.

Our delivery was just west of Edmonton. This city is about 650 miles north of the US border.

I couldn't get any closer to these cousins of the crow.

On the way back to the states we got a flat tire and had to stay an additional night in Canada. We slept at the end of a gravel road.

Our GPS brought us through the town of Moose Jaw. We bypassed the city of Regina.

Corner Gas is a Canadian sitcom. I used to watch it with Starla. Pops and I have all the episodes on DVD. We drove passed the set where the show was filmed. 
We got to actually stop and spend some time here once before. We walked around the town and talked to some of the people.

We are back in the states now. It is always good to be back.

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