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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oak Grove Christian Church

Pops and I attended church in Industry, PA this past weekend.
We were picked up from a truckstop i n Youngstown, OH.
Nate McCrea, a ling time Facebook friend offered to come pick us up and bring us to church with him and his wife, Kate.
We have never met Nate or Kate before although we do talk to them on the computer all the time.
So it was awesome to get to finally meet them and go to church with them.
And while at church we noticed another of our Facebook friends there. So it was bonus to meet another friend.
Nate and Kate were babysitting their grandson, Colson. He is absolutely adorable.
After church we went out for lunch and then back to their home for awhile. It was such a great day. I really appreciate them coming so far out of their way to bring us to church.

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