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Monday, December 3, 2012

Vacation pt.2

Tuesday morning Starla and I got up early and drove to Berlin. We were meeting my sister, Amy there. After picking her up we were driving to Strasburg, PA to a big theater there called, Sight and Sound.
Sight and Sound does about 3 shows a year in big theater fashion. The shows always have a biblical story. The first time I was ever there was a bus trip I took with my mom many years ago. We went to see the production of Noah. It was fabulous. We had such a good time and its a memory I will always have.
I have seen most of all the shows that they have done there with the exception of In the Beginning and Joseph. I want to see both of those yet and hope someday I will.
But this day the three of us were going to see Jonah.
We stopped in Bedford for gas and to grab a quick bite to eat in the car. Then we got moving. It is about a 3 hour drive to Strasburg.
We did get there a little early so we stopped at an outlet mall and shopped for a while.
Then we went to the show. Oh my, we had great seats, right in the center and only 4 rows back. It was awesome. The production was grand as always and we really enjoyed the show.
Afterwards we stopped and got some supper and then we were back on the road. I love getting to spend time with my sister. We used to get together at least once a week and spend the whole day together, but then we both got jobs and couldn't do that anymore and then our lives just got busier and busier and we didn't get to see each other much at all. And now with me in this job, our times together are rare but are always special. I love my sister so much.
It seems like I never get to see my brother either. I love him and his family just as much but it seems like we can't ever seem to line up our schedules.
It was late in the evening when we got back to Amys car. I gave her a big squeeze and hug because I didn't know if I would see her again before we left. It is so hard to say goodbye.
Then Starla and I drove back to the house.
The dogs have been neglected. I felt badly for them. They have been spending long hours lately at home with no human contact. So I was sure to allow them all to come and sit with me on the loveseat for the evening.
I was really tired after 2 very long days but I had made arrangements to meet my son, Tom for coffee in Cumberland when he got off work at 11. I was looking forward to one on one time with him.
We drank way too much coffee and talked for several hours. Finally I was just too tired so I had to go home. I really miss my kids so much. I miss this kind of thing with them, just the "hanging out" and stuff.
Wednesday morning was non existant for me. I didn't wake up until afternoon. Then I went with Starla to a couple of her doctor appointments. When I sleep like that, it really messes with my sense of reality and things and times seem strange and unfocused.
After going to the Dr appointments I went to the AT&T place and updated my phone. I really like my Blackberry phone and it takes awesome pictures, but it was time to renew our contract which allows us to upgrade our phone so I got an Iphone 5. Well I actually owned 2 brand new Iphones that day. The first one I got was activated and tried out. It didn't work. So they had to deactivate it and then Activate the only other Iphone they had in the store. It worked fine.
I was content with the Iphone because I have an Ipod and an Ipad and I am very familiar with how these products work. So I didn't feel like I had to "learn" a new phone.
Pops was planning on getting his upgraded phone as soon as he gets back. He is still undecided as to what he is getting.
After we left the store Starla and I went over to the Chinese restuarant for supper. And then we went home. Yay, I am so tired and worn out.
Thursday was going to be kind of a quiet day. I spent the morning making fudge. I made 4 or 5 batches. And then I got busy cleaning our truck and making the bed and restocking our winter clothes and supplies.
Later in the afternoon we drove over to St. Paul to visit with a good friend, Elizabeth Housel. She has really been a good friend to Starla lately and a huge encouragement to me. I love getting her messages of inspiration and good words. She has such a kind and gentle spirit.
She invited us over for tea. She showed us around her lovely home and we took some pictures. Then she served us tea, Pears that she had canned herself and homemade cinnamon rolls.
We really enjoyed our visit with her.
After that we went back home and had a quiet evening.

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