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Monday, December 10, 2012

Back to Normal

I drove us back to the Pilot Truckstop that we were at on Thursday before we went to the hospital. We found a good parking spot. It was pouring down rain.
We got Pops as comfortable as we could and then I swept the floors and tried to clean up a little bit.
I got him something to eat later and then we just relaxed for the evening. I wanted to go wash some more clothes, but because of the rain I thought I should probably wait and do them later.
But as the evening went on, I began to feel really antsy and nervous. And before too long it was turning into full fledged anxiety. I started to get really worried.
I realized that I was really wondering what normal was going to belike now. I was worried about Pops and what he might not be able to do now with the catheter attached. I told him my fears and I think that I even had some tears. We sat down and had a good long talk. We decided that it was going to be ok. And whatever we had to face we would face it together.
Pops also told me that he had been on the internet and had been doing a lot of research. So my worries and fears went away.
I guess over the last few days I  had to face up to what I might have to do if something worse were to happen. I am not ready for our job to end. I am not ready for anything to end.And I for sure do not want to face life without Pops. I don't even want to think how sick he was. We were told that if he had waited any longer he could have gone into Cardiac Arrest. Well, thank Goodness he didn't.
We got a good nights sleep and then this morning after breakfast I did go in and get another load of laundry done.
We waited and waited for load opportunities to come but when they did, they weren't any good. And then finally one came that we were interested in. So I accepted it and we got the load. Now was the test to see how normal our normal would be.
I go all the paperwork done and then I began the drive toward Scottsburg, IN.Pops laid and on the bed and slept a little while I was driving. When we got to thhe pickup, I took Chucky and Lucy outside while Pops went in to find out which dock we were to use. So far, so good. It wasn't going so bad. I fixed us a salad while Pops was helping to load the truck and get it secured.
When he came out he told me that he was almost ready to startdriving.
I drove back up to the interstate and then we pulled in to fuel the truck. Pops told me that when he went in to get the fuel slip he automatically went in the restroom. I guess that is a habit.
So now it is his turn to drive and he said that he feels pretty good. We have over 600 miles left to reach our destination of West Hazelton, PA. I think things are going to be fine. We all just adapt, adjust and keep on rolling. Life doesn't stop. Try to keep up.

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