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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Big Fear

Every since we started this job I have always wondered what would happen if one of us got really sick. Well, last night I had to deal with that exact thing.
I woke up and we were parked at a rest area only about 9 miles from our delivery destination. Pops had driven all night long again. That is 2 nights in a row with well over 600 miles for him. And he was tired and worn out.
I got up and made some coffee and then took the dogs outside. When I got back into the truck we drank our coffee and got caught up with all the happenings on Facebook. Then I did my morning devotions.
Pops decided to make some phone calls before he laid down. So he called a few people. After a little while he told me that he was going to go inside to the bathroom and just then his phone rang. It was someone returning his call. So he took the call. The phone call lasted about an hour.
When he got off the phone he tried to go to the bathroom and then told me that he couldn't go and that his abdomin hurt.
We drank another cup of coffee and he decided to go try again. I saw him walking and walking all around the sidewalks of the rest area.
When he got back into the truck he looked worried. He told me that he still could not go even though it felt like he had to and that the pain was getting pretty bad.
He drank a whole bottle of water and waited, then he went for another walk. Now he was in a lot of pain and the pain was in his back now as well.
He tried to lay down and rest but the pain kept him from getting comfortable. So he sat up in the front seat. Every so often he would go for another walk and another attempt at going to the bathroom. And nothing was happening.
I tried to talk him into going to a walk in clinic or to an emergency room but he didn't want to. So we waited it out.
I talked to all of our kids and everyone was concerned and wanted him to go.
He finally made a bargain with me that if he did not go to the bathroom by 7pm he would go to the emergency room.
When 7 oclock came he made one more attempt to go to the bathroom. I called all the kids and told them that we were going to the hospital. He was in the bathroom for more than 20 minutes and I was getting worried. I was about to get the attendant to go in after him, but then I saw him coming.
We drove 10 miles to the closest hospital. It was St. Joseph's hospital in Bangor, ME. We slowly walked into the ER. We were checked in right away and then told to go sit and wait.
We didn't have to wait long though. Then we went into another room to get an initial exam. His temp was good. His blood pressure was a little high, but always is when he gets a check up. Then we went from there to the financial desk to sign all the financial paperwork.
We have insurance but have never had to use it, so this is the test to see how good it is. I hope it is good. It is very pricey.
Anyway, from there we sat in the waiting room again. We were mildly amused watching an obnoxious family trying to get attention. It seems that no matter where you go, there is always one of those families. I try to be kind and patient, but I am forever amazed by way some people act in public.
After about 7 or 8 minutes which seems more like 30, we were taken back to a room. A nurse came in immediately and gave him a gown to wear. Then they rechecked all his vitals.
A few minutes later they did an ultrasound on his bladder. Soon a nurse came in and said that his bladder was holding about 900ccs of fluid. And that they would need to drain it.
They explained that his blockage was causing some of that urine to back up into his kidneys and that is why he was having so much back pain. The abdominal pain was because of the bladder being stretched so much. The ultrasound did not reveal what was causing the blockage.
Shortly after the ultrasound a catheter was inserted and immediately it filled up. Pops said he felt better right away. The pain in his back was gone and so was the abdominal pain.
The doctor was glad to hear that because he said that meant that the pain was just pressure and not something more serious.
Soon we found out from the lab that he did indeed have a bad infection. Antibiotics were prescribed and he was given 2 other options. #1, he could have the catheter removed and we could leave and hope the problem was solved. Or #2, he could leave the catheter in for 3 days, spend the night in the hospital and then come back in 3 days to have the catheter removed. Option 2 was the doctors preferred treatment. Pops chose #1. He wanted out.
I think he was worried about our delivery in the morning. I am sure that he did not want me to have to do it alone.
So the catheter was removed and we slowly walked out of the ER. He did look much better and was walking much better too.
When we got to the parking lot we noticed that someone was trying to get into our truck. It was the security guard. He said he thought we were in there sleeping. We explained that we were in the ER and he left us alone.
We drove from there to a nearby Walmart. It was closer than going back to the rest area and it was closer to our delivery too.
Once we got parked, I called everyone and left them know how Pops was doing and then I took the dogs out and we prepared for sleep. Pops had now been awake for about 30 hours.
He took his antibiotic and then he got ready for bed. But guess what? He couldn't pee. He tried to convince me and himself that it was because they had drained him completely at the hospital. I didn't buy it. So he drank some more fluids and tried to go again, no use. Oh no.
The hospital told him to return if he didn't go within 8-10 hours so instead of going right back he said he was going to wait until in the morning.
He could not lay down again because the pain in his back had returned. So he wanted pillows and the blanket and said he would sleep sitting up.
I did go to bed around midnight. I didn't wake up until 6am and he was awake. He looked in pain. He told me that he still couldn't go.
He wanted to make our delivery and then would decide what to do.
So we made the delivery which went very quickly and very well. Then we were given layover options of Boston or Manchester, NH. Pops wanted to go to Manchester and then decide what to do. So I drove us to Portsmouth, NH about 40 miles from Manchester and stopped at a Walmart that we shop at a lot when we are here.
I got his prescription filled and picked up a few groceries.
Pops had now started to urinate a little at a time. So he was hopeful but still in pain.
And little by little all day long he did gradually go. He is still uncomfortable though.
Our truck owner, Shirley has been calling me all along. She called us as soon as we got here and told me to take our truck out of service and let him rest a little. So that is what I did.
We are now sitting at our favorite New Hampshire rest area. We are out of service until 6am. Pops is resting and is dozing off once in a while.
I am very thankful for all the kinds words, phone calls, encouragement and prayers. We have so many people that care about us and that is truely a blessing.

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