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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Atrium Medical Center

Here it is Sunday. We have been here several days. Pops is ready to leave. I am ready to get going. I have been living in the parking lot, going out to start and warm up the truck every 5 or 6 hours. No one has said nything about me staying here.
The wonderful nursing staff has trained Pops in how he is going to have to live for. While with the catheter.he is looking much better and seems to feel a lot better too.
The staff here is fantastic. Pops has had some really great nurses and patient care technicians. He really liked Matt, Nicole, and Melissa, but everyone was great. The urologist, Dr. Miller came in and said he was the plumber and I wanted to make jokes bout his pants being pulled up too far among some others that came to mind. He referred us to someone he knows that is closer to our home.
I can't say that it has been fun, but I'm glad Pops is better.
We got a nice visit from Bob Stacy. He is a friend of ours on Facebook and is a Minister in the Middletown CC right here near the hospital. It was good of him to come and nice talking about all the people we knew in common.
We are waiting now for his IV to finish and then we are discharged.
I am so thankful for everyone who has called Pops and for everyone who sent him messages and words of encouragement.
A few days ago on Facebook I asked, "What is normal?" No one really could give me an answer. I wasn't surprized though because it seems that normal is a destination that we are forever chasing. Everyone wants to be there, but it it always one step away.
Well, we are ready to be chasing our normal again.

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