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Friday, December 7, 2012


Pops started out feeling a little better but it was short lived. His pain seemed to go away but he still was not able to urinate the way that you are supposed to. He did go a little at a time though so he wouldn't go back for more treatment. He didn't eat hardly anything and drank very little.
I was outside the truck with the dogs when a load opportunity came. He accepted the load. So we had to leave now. So I quickly got all the paperwork done and away I drove. Pops stayed laying down and didn't get up until we reached our pickup.
He did get up then and got the piece loaded.
Then I drove again. I drove out of New England and into Pennsylvania. Then it was his turn. I could tell that he was really sick but he did drive and I went right to sleep so that I could drive early if I needed to.
He did stop to rest a few times but basically kept moving. Then when I woke up the next morning, we were in Ohio so I finished out the drive to Cincinnati. We made our delivery and then went to a truckstop. He was really sick now. He had been sleeping really a lot and was very weak and dehydrated. So I talked to Shirley and then I drove him to the hospital.
It took awhile for them to get him into a room in the ER. But once they did things seemed to by quickly. A catheter was inserted and it drained him right away. Blood work was done and a urine sample collected.
The doctor came in then and told us that his kidneys weren't working like they should be. They were hoping that it was because of the backup of urine but they are not sure. They also think that it is actually a prostate problem too.
So they admitted him to a room and said they are keeping him at least over night and maybe 2-3 days.
I am so worried about him. I knew that he should have gone right back on Tuesday. I wish he wouldn't have waited but I guess his pain threshold is high.
So he is in Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, OH.
I am in the truck in the parking lot of the hospital right now. I hope they let me stay here. I want to go back in right away in the morning.
I am very concerned about our insurance. We have never had to use it. We got it right away when we took this job and paid a small fortune every month since. I sure hope it helps us. And I feel awful for even thinking about that right now.
Please pray for Bill. Please pray.

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