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Monday, December 3, 2012

Vacation pt. 3

Ugh!, I could not sleep last night at all. I don't know what the deal was but sleep would not come to me. So I sat awake downstairs and watched TV for most of the night.
After awhile I did dose and then when I woke up I made some more fudge. Starla has been taking orders and selling it again and she needed a couple more pounds to fill some orders.
We just kind of dwindled the day away for the most part.
In the late afternoon, we drove over and picked up Allison and Hunter. We were driving them to Ohio to meet up with Pops and Bill. Ohio was having their Youth Hunt this weekend and those two wanted to go. Kailey wanted to go too but she made the basketball team and they were having practice so she couldn't go.
It was a long 3 hour drive but we passed the time by chatting with kids and getting caught up on all their school and sporting adventures.
We met Pops and Bill at a Pilot truckstop and unloaded my car of hunting equipment into Pops' truck and said hello and goodbye to everyone and soon Starla and I were making the long drive back home. After about an hour we got a phone call from Bill. We had forgotten to give them shells for the guns. We pulled over along the road and sure enough they were still in my trunk, so we had to turn around and go back. Oh boy, everybody was grouchy about this. But whatever, that's the way it is. So we met back up with Bill who came alone and gave him the shells and once again Starla and I were headed for a long drive home.
We got home about 2am.
Needless to say not too much took place on Saturday.
On Sunday, when I got up I saw a note that Starla had left for me that she was driving seperately because she needed to meet someone for a fudge delivery. I heard her go out the door and then I heard her try and try to start her car but it wasn't starting. So I got ready quickly and decided I would drive her to her fudge meeting.
I hurried out to start my car while I finished getting ready. There was a heavy frost so I cranked up the defroster too. As I put my things on the backseat and shut the door, I heard a click. Oh no, I had locked my keys inside my running car.
So, I ran over to our truck because I was sure I had an extra key there, but I couldn't find one. I ran up to my bedroom and looked all around there, but no key. I looked everywhere I could think to look but could not find my spare key. So the only thing I could do was call a locksmith. I called every one of them from the Cumberland phone book and none of them could come. I called one in the Somerset County book and he said he would come right away. So 1/2 hour and $100 later we were on our way to church. Oh well, better late than never. We made it in time for the worship service.
We left right after church though because my niece, Kacey and nephew Levi were coming to visit and my son, Tom was coming too.
We had a really nice day visiting with all of them and watching the Steelers play the Ravens on TV. We are a family of mixed fans. Some Steelers and the rest Ravens fans. It is always interesting to watch them play. Our son, Drew and his girlfriend, Shelbie were in Pittsburgh at the game today.
And today the Ravens won.
In all the franchise history of these two teams every game but one has been decided by 4 points or fewer. It is always a good rivalry and good game to watch.
The game did go into overtime so it was late when everyone went home.
I loved getting to see Levi and Kacey. It is so hard to get to see people since I started this job and even harder to see everyone in the short period of time that I am home. So I like it when they come to the house to see me.
Even later that night, the guys came home from Ohio and carried all there stuff into the house.
Tomorrow is going to be our Thanksgiving day. Because that is the only day that all of us can be here at once.
Pops and I got up early on Monday morning and I got the turkey going in the oven. Then we had to take off to Cumberland to get some stuff done to Pops' new truck. Bill P. had to go to work and the boys were coming up this evening for our meal.
We dropped the truck off at the garage and then we took my car up to get Pops' new phone. He had decided to go with the Iphone like mine but neither of the places at the mall at the Iphone 5. So we asked questions and he decided to go with the Iphone 4. It is a little smaller and heavier but that is about the only differences, at least that is what we were told.
So we got him activated and bought him a rugged case and then back to the garage because the truck was done.
I finished cooking our meal and then everyone showed up. Shelbie was sporting a Ravens jersey! What?!? I know that she is a dedicated Steeler fan. But she and Drew had made a bet that if the Ravens won she would wear a Ravens jersey to our Thanksgiving dinner and if the Steelers had won Drew would have had to wear a Steeler jersey to their Thanksgiving dinner at her home. Well we couldn't let her get away without a few pictures posted directly to Facebook. Sorry, Shelbs.
I love my family and as the evening got later, we had to tell them goodbye. Now I wouldn't see them again until Christmas.
Tuesday morning Pops and I got up early because we were now in service with our job. And so we waited and waited for load opportunities to come. And when they did they were ridiculous. They weren't paying more than $1 per mile and we don't run for that.
We figured if we were having to go out on a holiday week and work we better get offered better than that. So we kept waiting and couldn't leave the house to go anywhere because of being on call.
It was a long frustrating day.
Finally on Wednesday a load came that we were interested in. It was picking up in Washington, WV and going to Laredo, TX.

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