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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Military load

The next morning after breakfast and taking the dogs out, we drove the 9 miles to the military base. We didn't have to do anything at the gate because we have been here so many times, they know us and we know what to do. So we basically drove right through the gate and to the building that we load from.
We were only hauling 2 pallets so it didn't take Pops long to get it secured in the truck. By the time I had the paperwork signed and done he was done also.
We had both slept pretty well all night long so as I started the drive, Pops sat up and chatted with me and played on his Ipad. I drove us back southeast through Wisconsin and into Illinois. Pops then went to take a nap so that he could drive during the night. Although we figured we would get there around 2:30am if we drove straight through. But we couldn't get there early and we couldn't stop for more than an hour at a time with this particular load. So I drove and only took 2 breaks which meant that Pops would drive, take an hour break, drive some more, stop for an hour and repeat until it was time for our delivery.
Anyway, I drove until we were almost at the Ohio line and then he started to drive.
He drove until near Pittsburgh and thats where he took his first hour break. We both laid down and slept. When he got up he didn't wake me. I kind of remember him getting back into bed at one point but not really.
It turns out that he stopped at one point for fuel and lingered there awhile and then somewhere near Winchester, VA he did get into bed for another hour.
He called my name and woke me up when we were 15 miles away. Usually we both have to be awake at the gate. But this time I wouldn't have had to be. It was a Reserve unit and there was no security at all. We drove straight to the building and around back to the dock.
There was a young man there that was very excited to receive our load. He told Pops that today was his day off but he decided to come in and good thing he did because there was no one else there. So he and Pops unloaded the truck and we headed to Alexandria, VA for layover.
I was driving now and we were on a rural road. Pops was in the passenger seat. I looked over to the right into a field and there stood 2 eagles. They were closer than I've ever been to one, right along the road. They were huge. Pops and I both saw them and wished that we could've stopped and taken pictures but we had traffic behind us and there was no where to pull over. Oh well, that's the way it goes.
We got to the rest area near Alexandria and settled in for layover. We were offered many loads that were going into the storm damaged areas. We declined all of those.
Finally around 5pm we got a load that picks up in the morning near Dulles airport and is going only 50 miles away but it gets us less than 100 miles from home. And after that we are heading home for vacation!!!!
I can't wait to get home. I can't wait to see my kids. I can't wait to see my friends. I can't wait to get home.
But in the meantime, today is Election Day. Pops and I had already voted by absentee ballots. So we are listening to all of this on the radio just like most people I suppose.
Oh, I can't wait to get home!

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