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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kansas to Massachusetts.

Once we got a load leaving Nebraska, we had to head to Kansas to pick it up. We had to drive about 4 hours to reach our pick up, so I was driving. It was mostly rural two lane roads, so it took longer than usual to drive there.
We reached our destination about 10pm. A man met us there and he was the person who was going to load our truck. It didn't take long for he and Pops to get the product onto the truck. While they did that I made a pot of coffee and filled the thermos for Pops. He was going to be driving now. I also took the dogs out and then rustled up some food for Pops too.
I stayed awake until we got through Kansas City, MO. It is awesome to drive through Kansas City at night time. It seems as if you are driving under the city. There are a lot of streets that cross over the interstate and they are all right in the city and close together.
Once we were through there I went to bed.
I drove the next day and it was now after Hurricane Sandy had destroyed the east coast. So as I drove across northern PA and into NY it was raining and it was cold. A lot of WV had received a lot of snow from the same storm. But we didn't see any of that.
Pops took over driving again and drove us to our destination in Massachusetts. It was around 2:30am so I was sleeping and didn't even hardly realize we were there. Then he drove us to a rest area to sleep.
We had a predispatch that was picking up in Nashua, New Hampshire the next day and then it was going to Dover, AFB. So after we slept for a little while we drove up to the rest area just inside the New Hampshire line. We often stay here and it is a good place for the dogs. We stopped at a Walmart for a couple of items before we got to the rest area.
We spent a quiet day at the rest area and then the next morning we made our pickup at Nashua. We were hauling a load of explosives and our company sent us some hazmat re routes. I was a little concerned that we might have trouble getting through the New York and New Jersey areas because of the storms. So Pops and Fedex were on the phone going over all of our options. It turned out that we were not allowed to go through that area at all with our load so we were turned around and sent back to our shipper. We had already driven to Hartford, CT. But we turned around and in less than 2 hours we were back at the shipper. Oh well, we were compensated but I sure hated losing that good paying load.
After unloading the freight back to the shipper we drove back the favored rest area and settled in for another layover.
But we didn't get to relax too long. We got another load offer that night. It was picking up the next morning in Vermont and going to Illinois. It was about a 4 hour drive through New Hampshire and Vermont to reach our destination so Pops decided to drive part way during the night and get closer and then sleep. So We drove until we only had about 20 miles to our place of pickup. Then we slept until morning.
The next morning I took the dogs out while the coffee was brewing. We weren't out long though because it was still raining, really hard and it was cold.
When we got to our pickup we were delayed a little while. So I fixed us some breakfast and in the meantime it quit raining.
I was going to be driving the first part of this trip and I was glad that it had quit raining. We had about 4 hours of rural roads and small towns until we would reach the interstate. It is a very beautiful, scenic drive though, so it is hard to dislike it. But it does seem so very long. And Lucy was getting restless and needed to go outside.
I was trying to wait until we reached the interstate where I knew there was a nice rest area and she could run free of the leash. She made it but I think she was about to let loose on the floor.
At the rest area I tried to make myself something to eat and another cup of coffee without waking Pops. That is not easy to do though because he is such a light sleeper. He did wake up but only briefly.
After a little while and a quick phone call to the house I got rolling again. I was so glad to finally reach the interstate but it was short lived. For some reason Gypsy changed and decided to send me off the interstate onto a non toll road. It was going to be slower and rougher roads and also add an extra hour travel time to the trip but it would save quite a bit on tolls. But after already driving 4 hours of rural roads, this route didn't make me happy. But I did it.
After about 3 hours I stopped at another rest area. I needed to stretch my legs and take the dogs out. Then right back to driving. After about another hour Pops woke up and talked to me until we came to another rest area. Then he was going to drive. We were almost to Erie, PA.

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