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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wisconsin Weekend

Pops drove us on to Illinois to our delivery. When I woke up he was not in the truck and we were backed into a dock. Someone was knocking on the door. I got up and looked and there was a young man. He told me that the truck was empty and I could go ahead and move it across the lot. So, ok, where is Pops?
I looked for his phone in the pouch beside the door and it wasn't there so I guessed he took it with him. Thank goodness. I called and he answered. "We are empty." I told him, so within a few minutes he came across the lot to the truck and we waited to see where Fedex was going to send us for our layover.
It took a few minutes but finally we were headed north toward Wisconsin for layover. We figured we would probably get a military load from Ft McCoy. We usually do when anywhere near there.
Pops was very sleepy so we stopped before we even got out of Illinois and checked into a truckstop. And slept. When I woke up I tried to be quiet so Pops could get some more sleep, which he needed. I went inside the truckstop which turned out to be a really nice one. They had everything including a hair salon, phone store and several other stores, a movie theater, a game room, and several restuarants. I wasted some time and money in there.
When I got out to the truck I read my book and played games on my Ipad. Then when Pops woke up we took the truck and got it washed and then decided to drive to Madison, WI. We found a church there that we were going to attend the next day.
During our drive we did get a load offer picking up at Ft. McCoy on Monday and it was going to Virginia to a Reserve Base. Monday is my birthday and since when you are doing a military load you cannot stop and leave the truck Pops decided to take me to eat today or tomorrow after church. I wanted to go to the movies too.
We decided to do all that tomorrow after church so after driving to Madison we got our showers and then just relaxed for the evening.
The next morning we drove to the church. It had a nice parking lot and parking was easy for us. We got out and went inside. We barely made it 2 steps inside the door before we were greeted warmly by a swarm of ladies. They were so kind and gracious. They showed us where to go to worship.
Worship service started with lots of singing. They sang many songs and all of the verses to each. The singing was awesome. There are some really good singers in that church for sure. Then a man named Terry gave the sermon after communion. The regular preacher there was not there today. He was attending an ordination service. Terry did a good sermon on "The cost of discipleship." It was a really good sermon.
After worship they have Sunday School and what they do in the adult class is discuss the sermon in more detail with the opportunity for people to ask questions and discuss. It was a good discussion with almost everyone participating.
They were having a dinner after services. It was a memorial dinner for a deceased member. We were invited to stay, but we really already had other plans in mind. So we said our goodbyes and left.
We were going to drive up to Sparta and stay the night then we would be there in the morning so we looked for an Olive Garden restuarant along the route. But of course we couldn't find one without going 30 miles out of route. So we just decided on a chinese place in Tomah. And naturally the theater there wasn't showing the movie that I wanted to see either so that was that. But the chinese place turned out to be really good and good priced too. We slept in the Walmart parking lot. We are 9 miles from Ft. McCoy.

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