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Friday, November 23, 2012


Well Pops and I ae now back to work after having 15 days off for vacation. He and my son in law Bill went to Ohio for a hunting trip and Starla and I had a jam packed 2 weeks of girl time. I don't want to bore you with too many details so I will try to be brief as I tell you how we spent our days.
Pops and I got home Wednesday afternoon. We were pretty close after we delivered in Kearneysville, WV so we headed home right away.
Pops and I had talked about trading his pickup truck in for a brand new one. Our logic in this thinking was, it is almost paid off and still has fairly low miles, but we are retiring in 3 years and Pops will not ever get another new truck if we don't do it now. So he, Starla and I went to Somerset for some new tires.
We hated to buy new tires but the ones that were on were in really bad shape so we decided to replace 2 of them. But when we got to the tire place we were offered a set of 4 used tires for a fraction of what I was going to spend on 2 new ones. So we took the used ones.
After that we drove directly to a Chevy dealer in Somerset and Pops shopped the trucks. He did find one that he liked and a deal was worked up. However Pops doesn't shop like that without comparing so we took the figures and left the dealership.
When we got home we ate some supper and visited with Bill P. for awhile before everyone went to bed.
Pops and I got up early the next morning and drove to Cumberland, MD. I needed to get some groceries and Pops and I also stopped at a Chevy dealership down there. Well, 5 hours and 4 deals on paper later we did leave the dealership with a brand new chevy silverado. We got a good deal. Pops seemed pretty happy with his new truck.
When we got back to the house I got busy preparing food and Pops gathered his hunting things together. He and Bill were planning to leave tonight sometime.
After supper the guys went to bed and Starla and I sat up watching movies. The guys got up and left the house by 2am. Girl time will now begin. Well, after we get some sleep girl time will begin.
On Friday girl time didn't seem like so much fun. We cleaned the entire house putting away every trace of man stuff. Then we went shopping. I wanted and needed to get some Christmas shopping done while we were home and I wanted to get stuff to make fudge too.
After getting all of our shopping done and carried to the car we stopped at Applebees for supper. Then back to the house for the evening.
Saturday was used mostly for just relaxing and hanging out. I got to catch up on several tv shows that Starla had recorded for me.
On Saturday evening it was game night at the church building. Wills Mt. has several game nights throughout the year and I really like this one in November because it is usually the only one that I get to go to. We had such a good time too. The kids and the adults played some really fun games and of course there is always good food. I had a great time.
Sunday morning Starla and I got up early so that I could attend the Ladies early Bible study at the church. After that was Sunday school and then church. Drew and Shelbie came to church today. It was so good to see them. I really like Shelbie. I think she brings the best out of Drew.
I stayed for the fellowship lunch after the services but then quickly ran home to let the dogs out for awhile.
Then I went back down to the church building because Shelbie was getting baptized today and Drew was baptizing her. I knew that this was going to be special for both of them.
Her mom and grandparents were there when I got back and it was nice meeting them. Drew was nervous but he did do a good job and now I have a new sister in Christ. Congratulations, Shelbie.
Starla and I stuck around after this because there was going to be a church financial meeting and then evening church.
Jeff came to church tonight. It was good to see him. I miss seeing him. His health hasn't been real good lately so I was glad to see him there.
When Monday came I was really excited. Last year my boys and Starla and I traveled to DC for a first time visit and enjoyed a fun time. This year we decided to go to Gettysburg. Starla and I had spent the last 2 evening at home watching the Gettysburg movie because I wanted a little background as we toured the area. And once there, I was really glad that we had done that.
We stopped for breakfast first in Cumberland then headed to Gettysburg. The day was warm and sunny and it was a really nice time. I think that all of us enjoyed it. We did the auto tour and stopped at many of the memorials along the way. Then we went into the visitors center for a little while. After we left Gettysburg we stopped for supper at Shoneys in Hagerstown. Then we decided to go see a movie before calling the end to our day. We looked to see what was playing and a Denzel Washington movie called Flight and a catoon movie called Wreck it Ralph were the 2 we settled on. We flipped a coin to choose between the two and Wreck it Ralkph won the toss.
I could not believe 4 full grown adults were sitting in a theater watching a cartoon movie and it seemed a little odd at first but then the movie actually got good and we had a good time.
Then Starla and I headed home after dropping the boys off at their house. It was a long tiring day and tomorrow is going to be another one. We have plans with my sister, Amy.

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