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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fast Week

This week has just gone by so quickly. I feel like I'm am still enjoying the trip through the Mountains. But once we reached the Chicago area and made our delivery we were given layover options of Wisconsin or stay in the area. We chose to stay in the area.
So we drove to a truckstop and performed the normal duties. Pops checked the tires, the oil and other fluids and swept out the back. While I cleaned up inside and re organized and took the dogs outside.
We had no sooner gotten our work done and was settling in when we got a load offer. It was picking up in Kankakee, Il and was going to Atlanta, GA. So we accepted and got the load.
I was driving now and Pops was trying to sleep. Then he drove while I slept. When I woke up we were real near our destination and Pops needed my help to navigate through the busy streets.
We now have a second GPS and both Gypsy and this new one were having problems getting us to where we needed to go. But we eventually did get there and got unloaded quickly.
We stayed in the Atlanta area for layover although we did drive to a truckstop on the outer edge of the city. We got a load that was picking up in Griffin, GA and it was going to Ruston, LA. It wasn't picking up until the next day but we drove over that direction anyway and looked for a place to spend the night. We found a TA truckstop and got showered and rested up.
I got a phone call while there that my Aunt Sissy had died. She was dad's sister. The last time I saw her was at my dad's memorial service in March. But I have talked to her on the phone. She had a stroke and went to the hospital and while there the doctors found that she was full of cancer. She died a few days later. Please pray for my uncle and her children.
We picked up our load the next day and drove on toward Louisiana. While on the way we got a predispatched load that would pick up in Lufkin, TX and come back to East Camden, Arkansas. None of these loads were super fantastic but we were moving and after last week this slower pace seemed nice.
I slept through all of Louisiana and didn't even wake up when Pops made the 3am delivery. I did wake up when we were close to our Lufkin destination. This was a high security load so we both had to go inside and fill out paperwork.
Our load wasn't quite ready so we waited for about an hour then it was good to go. We went inside and filled out paperwork while they loaded our truck. A seal was put on the back and we were ready to go. It took about 4 1/2 hours to reach East Camden and we have been here many times before getting through the gate was too hard of a procedure. There were two trucks ahead of us waiting to get unloaded but we got to go ahead of one of those.
Our layover options after that delivery were Shreveport, LA or Little Rock, AR. We chose Little Rock and headed that way. We stopped at a small truckstop and settled in for the evening.
The next day we drove down about 3 blocks to Brown's Country Store and Restaurant. We drive past it every time we go toward Dallas, Texarkana, or Lufkin, TX. It looks like such a nice place and I always wanted to stop.
We went inside and noticed a long buffett. They brag that it is over 100ft long and it sure was. It had every kind of good looking and smelling southern food that you can imagine, including cornbread, sweet potatoes, turnip greens, fried green tomatoes, along with so many meats, potatoes, and just about anything you could want. And the dessert bar looked fabulous although by the time I ate my food there was no way that I could have any dessert. Pops had some peach pie though. Today was National Peach Pie Day and he said the pie was delicious.
After that we drove over to Walmart to restock our groceries. And then we decided that we should probably head toward Memphis where we might do better at getting a weekend load.
So here we are at a rest area. It is raining really hard. That is a good thing because the Mississippi River is so low that they are not allowing boat traffic. This is a good slow steady rain. I hope it lasts for awhile.
If we are still here tomorrow, I think we will probably return to Christview Christian Church. We visited there a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow is their Youth Sunday. I will enjoy that.

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