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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Circling again, it seems

There were six Fedex trucks like our in Birmingham. I couldn't believe there could be that many here. We sat here all day and didn't get any load offers. Oh well, it is Saturday.
Late in the afternoon Pops called Shirley, our truck owner, and asked if she thought it might be a good idea for us to head north toward Huntsville since there weren't any trucks up there. She suggested that maybe we should head to Memphis.
Pops looked on the map and saw that it would be a drive of about 4 1/2 hours and about 220 miles. So we got ready and took off. Pops drove.
It was pretty late when we got here and we realized that we passed right through Olive Branch and passed the truckstop where we were just last Sunday. Pops did locate 2 churches close by. They did not go by Olive Branch or Memphis but used the names of the smaller suburbs in which they were located.
Pops did favor one of the churches based on what he saw on the website so we went there to see if we could fit into their parking lot. We could and we did. We parked, took the dogs out and spent the night.
In the morning while we were drinking our coffee and waking up some people began to show up. They were the praise team getting ready to practice.
Sunday School began at 9:30 and so we went inside about 10 minutes early. Some of the people greeted us right away. Andrea, the preachers wife came over and talked with us and made us feel really welcome.
There was an adult sunday school class and another class that was women only. I chose to go to the womens class and Pops went into the auditorium to class.
Our class was small, only 6 of us and it was led by a woman named Frances. She was filling in for the teacher that wasn't there this week. We talked about forgiveness and bitterness. It was a very good lesson. I enoyed this lesson a lot. This group of ladies were very friendly and included me in the lesson. At the end of the lesson Frances ask for prayer requests and I felt really good when she asked me if I had any prayer concerns that they could pray for. I asked hem if hey would remember my sister, Amy, in their prayers. And when she did pray, she also prayed for me and for safe travels and she did pray for Amy. Wasn't that so caring of her to do that?
After Sunday School, I went to the auditorium with Pops for the main worship service. The praise team led us in some songs and then it was communion time. After that the preacher, Jeremy Harper, brought the message. He is doing a sermon series and we came on week 3. Today he talked about Healthy families. He related healthy families and healthy churches. He used scripture from Ephesians the fourth chapter verses 25-32. He explained all the godly values found in these verses and how by following them we can have healthy relationships with others.
I met some wonderful people, some of whom I will never forget. One lady in particular caught my attention. Her name is Annie. She is a gem. She is so godly and really knows her scripture.
When we left the building and walked across to the truck Pops realized that he had lost his cell phone. We couldn't call it because it was on vibrate. But I tried anyway hoping that if someone had picked it up that they would answer it. We looked all around for it and it was finally found by a young girl.
I am so very thankful to God to bringing us to Christ's view Christian Church. We had a very good day and this tends to help us have a good week.
I sure do hope to get back to this church again and I sure hope that some of the people we have met there will become facebook friends. But if we never see them on this earth again, I know we'll met in Heaven. Thank you, Lord.

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