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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We have been keeping busy and even though I wasn’t feeling well, I was still able to do my job and function fairly normally.
We were in Houston and from there had a military pickup in San Antonio so we got to spend a little time with Tate and Shirley. We met them for supper and enjoyed being with them again. Then the next morning they came to the truckstop to help us get some work done to the truck, just some minor stuff.
Then we picked up our load and it was going to Albuquerque, NM. That was a really nice trip and we enjoyed seeing some of the desert scenery again. We got to sleep at a gorgeous rest area.
We spent the whole morning watching an animal up on the side of the mountain and was trying to figure out what it was. We couldn’t tell with just our eyes. I got my camera and snapped some pictures and zoomed in and took some more and Pops did the same thing. Once I took the camera cards out of the cameras and put the pictures onto my computer we could see that it was a mother cow with a calf. There are signs all over New Mexico warning drivers about “open range” cattle. I guess these were some of them.
We were heading back to El Paso for a layover after that load and before we got there we were offered a California load. Usually we refuse those because it is too hard to get back out so we did refuse but they offered us another load following that one that would bring us back out to Illinois so we accepted.
Wow, this is a great string of good loads and wonderful scenery as a bonus.
We picked up our load near Phoenix and traveled on to California. It was a beautiful trip. Although the whole way through the deserts we had rainstorms! We could see them a long way off and then suddenly we would driving through them. The desert was actually laying full of water. Of course by the next morning it had all run off or sunk in and there was no sign of it except for the flowers on the cacti. We even got to see a herd of javalina pigs.
We arrived in Los Angeles early in the morning and was delivering at a military base. We had to go inside and get our clearances and then be directed to where we were to deliver. It really didn’t take too long at all and then we were done with that load.
It was around 10am and our next load didn’t pick up until 5pm and we were only 6 miles away. We drove over there and luckily they were ready for us. So we got loaded and now we would be leaving California and heading to Illinois.
This was a very trip out. I hoped the trip back would be too. I was counting on it.

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