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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two extremes

I cannot believe that this week has gone by so quickly.
Last Sunday we were near Rochester, NY and it was snowing heavy and the temperatures were so so cold. This Sunday we are in San Antonio, TX and it is sunny and warm, and I mean short sleeve shirt weather.
Last week we looked in the directory for a church to attend and found one near us called, Lake Country Christian Church.
The evangelists' name is Don Kennedy and his wife is Marge. The church was only 4 miles from the truckstop and just across the road from Mott's Real Lemon Factory.
We drove over and parked in their lot and then we went into the building. You can tell a lot about a church within the first 2-3 minutes after you enter.
We were greeted right away and shown into the auditorium. We chose some seats and people came over to us right away, several people. We were made welcome and felt right at home.
Once again the service was very similar to ours back home, with the exception of there were no old hymns sung. It was all praise type music with a praise band. I don't mind that.
Then the communtion was given and then the offering and then the sermon.
He preached an excellent sermon on the different kinds of soil that the seed (word) was sown into. It was scripture that I've heard preached before but it was preached with a different slant and I picked up new thoughts and insights than what I heard before.
I really liked his preaching and was glad to hear him give the plan of salvation at the end. Too many times that seems to be forgotten and I wonder how people ever come to the Lord.
On Monday we got a load that picked up in Jamestown, NY and was going to Little Rock, AR. I was happy about that for two reasons. One, because it was going to be warmer and two, because it may take us to Texas and then we can get our deer damage fixed.
When we went to pick up in Jamestown, the dock area was all icy and snow covered and when I tried to back around the corner and into the dock I ended up sliding really close to another truck that was in the next dock. Pops decided that he better see if he could straighten it up and do a better job. He wiggled that truck back and forth and back and forth and then with a little help from the dock worker with a salt bucket, he got it into place.
We got loaded and started out for Arkansas.
We drove all the rest of the evening and all night and reached our delivery late in the afternoon. We got unloaded and then headed toward Memphis for a layover. On the way there just as our fuel gauge was showing about an eighth of a tank the truck shut off. The engine died. I got it off the road and put the flashers on. Pops got out and checked our fuel. We had 6 inches of fuel in one tank and 4 inches in the other but it was acting like it was out of fuel.
We had to call road service and they brought us some fuel and replaced the filters and the truck started. It turns out that one of the fuel lines somehow pulled up part way out of the tank. Great one more thing to get fixed.
We slept at a rest area that night and waited for another load. I wanted to go to Texas so badly.
We did get a load the next day, it was a DOD load that picked up in Little Rock and was going to Grand Prairie, TX. Grand Prairie is an area in between Dallas and Fort Worth.
So we drove to our pickup. It was a "can't talk about load." We had to be monitored by satellite the entire time and one of us had to be awake and in the truck at ALL times.
I can't really tell you anymore about that load but it was interesting. We picked up and they had just finished installing what they called a "spike system." Anyone trying to their security gates would cause these huges metal spikes (looks more like posts) to come out of the ground and raise your vehicle right off the ground. It was pretty amazing. The guards had to wear kevlar jackets too!
We knew that we would get to our destination by evening and weren't to deliver until the next morning so we needed a safe haven. We were told that our destination was a safe haven and that we could park there until morning.
So when we got there Pops talked over the intercom to the guard and we were told to park along the street where we were until morning. What kind of safe haven is that? And it made me about crazy knowing what we were hauling and not to be behind some kind of security. Oh well.
Morning finally did come and then we got unloaded and headed to San Antonio. Now we can get all fixed up and spend a few days in the warm weather.

(to be continued)

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