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Friday, January 27, 2012

Back on the road

We got a late start working this week. We didn't leave Tate and Shirley's until almost noon on Tuesday. We drove to the truckstop and waited for a dispatch. We had tried earlier in the day for a really good load going to Wisconsin but lost the load to another truck because Gypsy wasn't working very well.
We knew that we needed to get into a Qualcomm shop and get her fixed. But we had lost so much work time lately that we hated to miss more work.
We were quickly offered another load. It was a very short run that didn't pay much. We declined the load. Fedex called us on the phone and offered us another load to back it up with and I told them that if they would agree to increase the pay for the second load we would do both. They agreed.
So we set out to do the short, little load. As soon as I pulled out of the lot at the truckstop our second load cancelled. We felt that we had been duped into taking the short load, so we called our company and told them to take us off the short load because we only agreed to it with the agreement that we would have the second load also.
They worked out a deal with us to stay on the short load with the agreement of being paid to relocate to Dallas afterwards. So we took the short load. We picked up and delivered and then headed to Dallas.
We spent the night in a Walmart parking lot listening to the rain pound down on our roof.
The next morning we got a load that picked up the next day and was going to Michigan. Now we had the whole day so we decided to go to the shop and get Gypsy fixed. There was a Qualcomm shop just two blocks from the truckstop so we went there and she was fixed in less than an hour. Then we drove to the truckstop to spend the night.
Once again we listened to the rain pound down.
The next morning we got up and drove into the city for our pickup. We had to go right to the middle of the city to a surgical center to pickup 11 pieces of surgical equipment. We had to go inside the back door of the surgery center and bring these machines out one by one and load with our liftgate onto the truck. Then Pops secured all the pieces and we started our drive to Michigan.
Pops slept while I drove and since I had purchased an audiobook at Walmart I thought I might listen to that. It was on 6 CDs and I listened to 3 of them by the time I reached Memphis. Once we got to Memphis Pops took over driving.
In a little while I fell asleep and didn't wake up until we stopped for fuel. I woke up then and took the dogs out to pee and then went inside to go to the restroom myself.
I went back to sleep after awhile and the next thing I noticed was the bump, bump, bump of the roads and I knew that we were already in Michigan.
Pops pulled into a parking lot a short distance away from our delivery. He had used up all his driving time so he switched it over while I made some coffee and took the dogs out.
We made our delivery and then I drove us 150 miles to our place of layover in Toledo, OH. We were only there for a short time before we got a load picking up near Detroit and going to Mankato, MN for Monday morning.
I sure hope the weather stays like it is. We have been really fortunate with the weather this year. I don't think there has been much wintery weather anywhere so far. That suits me just fine.
So we have the whole weekend to drive 700 miles. I like it when we don't have to push ourselves. I hope that we can find a good church somewhere along the way.

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Chad said...

I love the sound of rain on the roof. I sleep very well in the rain. I love sleeping in thunderstorms too! I hope we don;t pay in March for the lack of snow in January. LOL Love you guys.

P.S. Would guys mind if I sent some invites to my blog from your blog?