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Sunday, January 1, 2012

It is Christmas Week!

After we got all of the belongings of the Fatula's unloaded and carried to the correct places it was time to catch up with our family and loved ones. We had 4 1/2 days until Christmas and I still had some food shopping to do and most of my gifts still needed wrapping.
Starla and I did most of the grocery shopping on Wednesday and then Wednesday evening was Bible Study at the Church. I got to see some more of our friends there.
Thursday morning Starla and I had plans to meet up with our friends from our old job at the personal care home. We were meeting for an early breakfast. We were the last ones to show up at the restaurant and everyone passed around gifts for each other. We had a wonderful visit and plan to do it again next time I'm home. Carol got each of us a blanket that snaps closed around you and an ornament with our names on and she gave me some Necco wafers that she manages to find somewhere. She remembered that I like them and wrote about them once in a blog when we passed the company that makes them in New England.
Ruth gave each of us a gift card for Whispering Pines. It is a beautiful place with so many to look at and enjoy that you can spend hours in there.
It was so nice visiting with Margo, Carol and Ruth. They are great friends. I am so glad that God led me to them.
After we left there, I had to go to Grantsville for one more gift. I wanted to get Pops a bluetooth for his cell phone. We saw one previously at a Pilot that he liked and I was hoping that the Grantsville Pilot had the same model. And it did.
We also decided to stop at Whispering Pines to use our gift cards and it was fun shopping with Starla and watching her decide what to buy for herself. We both ended up with oil/stick air fresheners although hers is a little different from mine.
And then we went to the Hilltop market for some dehydrated vegetables that Pops and I like to snack on.
It had been a good day so far.
Allison, Kailey and Hunter came to the house on Friday evening. I love getting to spend time with them. They are good kids. I had some little gifts for them. I had made Allison and Kailey each a bracelet. I was making bracelets for the First Place ladies and thought I would make for the girls too. And we gave Hunter a card with some money in it. It was because he had made the A/B honor roll and we were so proud of him.
We gave them their Christmas gifts on Saturday afternoon, except for Hunter who got his a month ago. It was a scope for his muzzleloader and he needed it early because of hunting season.
On Saturday morning, Christmas eve, Pops and I went into Somerset to my brother's house to visit. He had picked Dad up and was keeping him for the week. I took fudge as gifts and I found a book for my brother. I bought my dad a Steelers jersey and a gel pad for the seat of his wheelchair. It was a good visit.
Then we drove out around my sister's house and found her in bed. She is getting used to varied shifts at work and is having a hard time adjusting. Kacey was there too so that turned into a good visit, although short. I gave them fudge too and a book for my sister.
Later in the day Frankie, Melynie and the kids came down to the house to visit. I love getting to see them and I think this is the first year that we actually had Christmas with them at Christmas time. haha
The next day was Christmas day and we all went to church. It was the day for the program and everyone did a good job. I was very proud of the kids and their play. And Ginny and Donna sang, The ladies Choral sang, Kaylee and Donna played flutes, The kids sang, Chad spoke and it was a wonderful service.
Mary K. Shaffer, Bill P.'s mom came to the service and Crystal, the kids' mom came too. It was nice of them to come and I am sure the kids appreciated it.
After Church we went down to Tom and Drew's to eat and open gifts. I love and miss my boys so much. It always makes me so happy to be with them. I think that everyone liked their gifts, I know I liked mine.
Pops and I got each of them a tablet computer and we gave Tom a crockpot and a cookbook and Drew and Bill and Starla got Quesadilla makers. I got Bill a Barbie movie, haha, and Starla got a teapot with a scripture on it and Drew got a cover for his tablet. Plus we gave each of them a money gift.
All of them gave Pops money to save for his Ohio hunting trips. And Bill and Starla gave me money which I used to purchase a calphalon pan that I wanted for our truck. Tom got me ALL of the Lonesome Dove movies on DVD. (Oh, I can't wait to watch them) and Drew got me a lined jean jacket that I had wanted.
Pops and I was hoping for a load on Monday but that didn't happen.
We did get a load on Tuesday though, so our time at home is over and time to get back to work. But what an enjoyable time at home.

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