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Friday, January 27, 2012

A few days in San Antonio

We got to San Antonio around 12:30 in the afternoon on Thursday. Now we can get our deer damage fixed along with some other stuff that needs done.
Tate and Shirley came to the truckstop and picked us up and we went and ordered some of the parts that we would need to do some of the work.
Then we drove around the city until we decided where we wanted to eat supper. We went to Shobels on the River in New Braunfels. We went there once before and it is such a nice place. We got there at 4:30pm and the buffet wasn't coming out until 5, so we got some salad and soup and waited for the buffet. It was worth the wait. They had catfish, roasted pork loin, and chicken breast, mashed potatoes and several steamed vegetables. And many homemade desserts. The food was good but the company and conversation was great. Tate told us many stories from his childhood and kept our attention until about 7:30 and then we thought we had better leave before we they asked us to. Pops thinks that Tate needs to write down his childhood stories. He was raised in Louisiana just outside of Shrevesport. I think it would make a good blog.
After that we went back to the truckstop and I did some laundry and we got showered and then went to sleep.
The next morning we took the truck up to the garage to begin the work. We went and had breakfast. Pops ordered biscuits and gravy and it sounded so good that all four of us ordered it.
After breakfast we ran around picking up parts and ordering others and then drove the truck back to Tate and Shirley's property.
I love it here and so does Pops and the dogs. It is so much greener now since they have gotten some rain since we have been here last. The dogs and I went for a quick walk just around the yard. We saw that the pond didn't really have any more water than the last time and we saw where Tate had placed his pig trap in the hopes of catching some of the pigs that are rooting up the entire property.
Tate and Pops changed the bumper while Shirley and I supervised. It's a good thing that we did too or they would have put the same bent bumper back on. haha
After that all four of us worked hard to take the hood off our old truck and then take that hood and try to get it into the box of this truck. It took us all evening to accomplish that even though we used the tractor too.
Ok, that's enough for today.
We had burgers and fries from the Ranch house for supper. They have good food and the place is so cool inside. It is all old wood planks and antler chandeliers and many taxidermied animals and reptiles. Pops would like it there.
The next morning when we got up I realized that there was an animal in Tate's pig trap. We had an appointment to have our truck to the garage in just a few minutes too. It wasn't a pig, it was a deer and she had fractured her skull and broke her jaw trying to escape from the trap. She had to be destroyed. That was too bad but nothing else could be done about that. The neighbors, Leroy and MaryAnn came over and got the deer to butcher. At least it wouldn't be wasted. It was good to see Leroy and MaryAnn again. I enjoy getting to visit with them.
Pops and Tate took the truck to the garage while Shirley and I hung out at the house for awhile. Around noon they came back to the house with the truck. Now we had some lights to work on and then we were going to get our tv fixed.
Pops filled up our water tank with water from their hose. Shirley and I was walking through the yard when she moved a piece of canvas and I spotted a scorpion. She had sandels on so she told me to step on it. I asked if it would jump on me and she told me that it wouldn't so I stepped on it and kind of twisted my foot back and forth before lefting it back up. When I did it started to run and Shirley informed me that they are sometimes hard to kill, so I tried one more time. This time I twisted my foot around real good. It was dead for sure now. I'm glad I took some pictures first.
Then we gathered ourselves and drove to Panera Bread for lunch. Pops and I never go there except when we are with Tate and Shirley and I don't know why because we both like it there alot. It was pretty crowded this day too with many air force young men and women. San Antonio has many military bases and the air force base is huge.
Because the lights turned out to be such a horrible mess of shorts and broken wires that was job for the remainder of the day. Tate's friend Rowe came over to help. He works at an RV place and he is familiar with fixing wiring and so forth so he worked until way past dark. He did get our tv going and most of the lights but some of the lights were not getting fixed and everyone scratched their heads because no one knew where to look from here.
It was nice to get to watch the Ravens play on tv even though they lost their playoff game to the Patriots.
The next morning was Sunday and Rowe was coming back over to work on our truck. Pops and I had our "church service" by ourselves early before anyone got started working on our truck.
Once again the entire day was used up trying to get lights fixed. 
Toward evening Pops took a walk to look for pigs and Tate took a nap. Pops happened upon the pigs while out for his walk and the pigs squealed and he thought he better return to the house since he had no gun.  I decided to cook up a pot of potato soup and little did I know Shirley had decided to cook too. She made red beans and rice with beef sausage. We had a good supper sharing all our food.
The next morning we had another appointment to get our door hinges fixed so while that was being done we all went to Subway for breakfast. Then Shirley and I went to town to run some errands. Her and Tate are under alot of stress right now with so many things happening with all of their trucks and they may have to go on the road theirselves next week so they had many things that needed taken care of and I was beginning to feel like we were now a nuisance. They assured us that that wasn't the case and I tried to help with any little thing that I could do to help her get ready but there wasn't really much I could do.
Later that day we ordered Catfish dinners from the Ranch House. Oh my, it was good, but I wish they would fry the french fries a little longer. I like mine a little crispy.
The wiring issue was driving everyone crazy by now so it was decided to take the truck to Freightliner early Tuesday morning and hope that they could easily fix the problem.
During the night Pops and I heard the coyotes yipping very close to our truck. The dogs heard them too and began to bark. That made the coyotes yip all the more. So I got up and put the dogs on their leashes and took them outside to pee. I guess all the commotion scared the coyotes away.
We woke up really early while it was still dark. We wanted to drink some coffee and get awake before we had to take the truck to the garage. I took the dogs out and the pigs were here. We couldn't see them because it was dark but we could hear them grunting and rooting.
Tate and Pops took the truck and Shirley and I hung out at the house. It was a rainy day. It wasn't long before Tate called and said they were done and that Shirley should bring me and the dogs to the end of the road so we could now go back to work.
I was glad that all our work was done and that we could go back to work but I was sad to be leaving San Antonio. I have come to really liking it here and I really love spending time with Tate and Shirley. I will miss them and her in particular. And for sure I will miss the warm temperatures. It is pretty awesome to walk around outside in the sunshine with short shirt sleeves in the third week of January.
I hope we get back here soon. Tate and Shirley do have to go on the road so who knows, maybe we will run into them on the road. I hope so.

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