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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our drive to Mankato, MN

Pops had done all of the driving since we stopped at the Indiana welcome center. We got to Mankato, MN the next morning just before lunch time.
He did drive through a little bit of snow here and there but this winter has been just absolutely great all over the north.
We listened to the news and heard about the big boat that ran into the bridge in Louisville, Ky, so now we know why that highway had been closed when we came near there on our way from Texas. One of the people that was on the bridge when the boat hit said he saw the opening in the bridge and got stopped just 5 feet from the edge. Imagine! Oh My! I would've peed my pants if not worse. You all know how I feel about bridges anyway.
Internet Picture. Wow, look how the boat just pushed out a section of that bridge.

I remembered about the rock formation in Wisconsin just as we were getting there. I grabbed my phone to get some pictures but our windshield was so dirty that only two of the pictures were half way decent to print. Wisconsin is a nice scenic state for the most part, but it always seems cold here.
The Mississippi runs between Wisconsin and Minnesota and we drove through on Rt. 94 at the city of La Crosse. We had been to this area before. It is so pretty here. It is a huge valley between two mountains and the river runs down through it.
Most of the rivers and lakes were frozen and we saw many ice fishermen.
We drove in Mankato and parked at Walmart. I stocked up on groceries and then we put the satellite up for our tv and watched some tv before bed.
I did cook up a big crockpot of Beef barley soup. It was good on such a cold day.
I also bought some Paczki's. We had been seeing ads for these things all along our route and apparently they are so popular that you must order them ahead of time. I bought some at Walmart after I googled what they were.
It is a polish thing, very similar to jelly donuts. They got popular in the season of lent. Most catholics give up sugar and fat for lent so the polish women invented these "donuts" to use up all the sugar, flour, lard and fruits in their homes before lent. Many polish donuts are eaten by catholics on "fat Tuesday, " the day before Ash Wednesday.
I wasn't too impressed with the Walmart version. But a donut is a donut, I guess.
We found a small congregation to attend on Sunday morning but at the last minute changed our minds and decided to attend a church that we had noticed while driving into town.  It was the Eagle Lake Church of Christ and they had plenty of parking too.
We called the number from the directory and drove over about 45 minutes early. We were greeted and made to feel welcome right away.
I went to the ladies class while Pops went to the men's. The ladies are going through the book of Romans and it was a very good lesson with much participation. Pops said that they did some studies from Acts.
The worship service was good. It started with a praise band consisting of guitar, violin, ukulele, and bass guitar along with a couple of singers, singing praise songs. Then we went directly into communtion and then the message.
The minister, Jeff Peterson, is doing a series of sermons to help their church better live out their mission statement. This week's sermon was entitled, The mission of Peace. He used the 10th chapter of Luke vs. 1-7 as his text. He told how Jesus commanded his disciples to go out as sheep and speak Peace to everyone and prepare them for the coming of the Lord.
We are the sheep and we need to have peace in our lives before we can offer it to others, but we need to constantly pray for peace in our lives.
It was a very good message and we know that if we are ever in this area we will come back to Eagle Lake Church of Christ. All of the people were so nice too.
They have a web address. It is
Two exceptionally nice people, Mr. Jim Anderson and his wife, Beverly are leaving today for a one month vacation in Alabama. I wish them safe travels and good weather.

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