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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our morning worship

It's a New Year, new week, new day. What a clean slate! We were so blessed this morning to be in the Indianapolis area. Pops and I are both friends with Kendall Faull on Facebook although neither of us have ever met him in person.
Our daughter, Starla, met him at Hillsboro Camp and thinks a lot of him. She is friends with him on Facebook and over time while seeing some of the things that he has posted we, too, have become fb friends.
When we realized that we were close to him I sent him a message asking if he was aware of any churches near our pickup site. He messaged me right back telling me that he preached less than 15 minutes from there. Well that was good. It was settled.
We drove to Franklin, Indiana and parked for the night at the Walmart.
We were less than 2 miles now from where the church meets together.
They meet at the Franklin High School.
We got up and got ready and then drove over. It is a pretty big school with big parking lots!!! How good for us.
We went inside and many people came over to introduce themselves to us. Kendall came over too and chatted for a minute and before long the service got started.
They had 6 young people and Kendall in a praise band. It is always good to praise the Lord while watching young people take part.
There was a communion message too. The man talked about the yearend evaluation that he just went through at his place of work and how they use that evaluation to see where they work and improve upon in the coming year. He talked about how during communion we need to be evaluating ourselves to see we need to improve. It was interesting.
After communion Kendall brought a message entitled, Rooted in Christ. He used many scriptures but most of them came from John the 15th chapter. He spoke about how we need to be rooted in Christ and remain in Christ if we want to be productive as Christians. It was a very good message but one point really stuck out in my mind.
He used the scripture Colossians 2:6 & 7: So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.
Kendall used the word picture of redwood trees and how their root systems all intertwine under the ground and because they do each of those big, old trees have strength from each other.
This made me think: Each of us NEED each other to be strong. Our roots will hold each other up, but where do our roots come from?
If you are a Christian, you are rooted in Christ just as the above verse says. The more we abide in Christ the more our roots spread and gain strength.
But look at the verse again, we gain our strength from being taught. Sunday school, Bible studies, self studies, will strengthen us. It will give us roots.
If we are lacking in being taught wherever will we get our strength when trials come our way. Why do so many people think that Sunday school and/ or Bible study is just another hour out of their busy week? Why do they not realize that we so desperately need to be taught?
Read Chapter 15 of the Book of John. You will see how to be rooted. John 15:5-8 tells us to be rooted in the Word.
Come on, Christians, be a mighty oak for the Lord.

Franklin High School, this is where Christ's Church meets

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