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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a great weekend!

Pops and I had another great time today.
The Redwings had an afternoon game at 1:00pm. We went into the stadium at 12. We found our seats which were even better than last nights seats.
Included with our tickets was a voucher for Pops and I to each have a "homeplate" meal for today. Last night while talking with Will, the GM, he was telling us about a plate of food that Rochester is famous for. It was first started at a local bar and became famous and then every restuarant in town started their own version. What it is, is: Fried Potato chunks, and Macaroni salad on the bottom, Then it is covered with either hamburger, hot dogs, or sausage, then it has chili beans, onions, peppers, chili sauce and then a local hot sauce that is manufactured in this area. The Garbage Bowl.
Well, the Redwings have their version called, "The Homeplate."
So Pops and I went to get ours.
Oh my, what a ton of food and what a sight. Incredible that anyone would think to mix all that together. I told Pops that what I think happened was that somewhere at some picnic, a mom scrapped all her kids food together and dad ate it, and it was good! Thus inventing the garbage plate, just my theory.
Anyway, Pops and I both got the one with cheeseburgers.
It really was good. As a matter of fact while we were eating it some man came over and told us that he isn't from this area but saw our food and wanted to know what it was, so I explained and before long he and his wife came back to the table area with one of their own. Huh.
Then we went into the game. It was cloudy and a little rain was falling but not enough to worry about. At one point I sneaked away and bought Pops a warm up jacket with the logo on it.
The Redwings did not win again, but it didn't matter. We still had a great time. I will never forget this time.
I am so thankful for a job that allows us time to be together and have fun.
Thanks again to Will and the Redwings for a great weekend.
We'll be back.

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