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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Job Perks

Well, I was wrong about the Rochester Redwings starting a 3 game series on Sunday. Actually they started a 4 game series on Saturday.
Anyway, when we got to the baseball stadium last night we were directed where to park. We sat in the truck and watched the people come and go. We could smell the ballpark food and the air was warm and balmy. It was a gorgeous evening.
After the game they put off fireworks. I leaned my head out of the truck window to watch. Lucy went to hide on the bed. Chucky just cowered in the back.
When they were over, we were met by a man named Chad. He told us that our load would coming out shortly. We went back and put the lift gate down and prepared to load. We had several large trunks and many bat bags and equipment bags. It didn't take long at all to load into the truck.
And Chad gave us each a Rochester Redwings baseball hat and told us that tickets would be waiting for us. How cool is that? I am so excited.
We made the drive in short order, changing back and forth on our driving logs as often as was legal.
We were scheduled to arrive here at 6:45pm but we made it here by 4:00pm. We were directed to where we were going to unload and immediately were met by a group of young men to unload. It only took about 10 minutes.
While Pops was helping to unload the truck, I was talking to our contact: Will Rumbold. I wasn't sure who he was but he was very nice and told us where to pick up our tickets and told me that there would be a food voucher included and he even offered to pay for a hotel for us for the night. What? Wasn't that awesome? We declined on the hotel because of the dogs. But I could not believe how incredibly hospitable they were.
And we also have tickets for tomorrow's game and more food vouchers.
We parked the truck and got cleaned up and ready and then walked over for our tickets. Sure enough there were food vouchers for the Black Angus Stand and a $20 bill for whatever else we might want. That Will R. he is great.
We had good seats, right behind home plate. We went to get our food, Pops chose the angus burger. It came with fries and macaroni salad and a drink. I chose the Philly Cheesesteak, it also came with fries, mac salad and a drink.
We proudly wore our new hats throughout the game and enjoyed the  atmosphere and the game even though the Redwings lost we had a great time.
After the game they had a fireworks display. It was amazing!
When we were leaving the park we happened to run into Will. We told him how much we enjoyed being here and talked to him for quite a while. He sure is a nice guy and has a great personality for this job, which turns out that he is the Assistant General Manager here.
What a good time and we get to do it all again tomorrow.
I love my job!

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