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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Lord's Day

Good morning and I hope you enjoy a beautiful day in the Lord.
Once again Pops and I woke up on a Sunday morning behind bars. This time it was due to the hospitality of the Rochester Redwings. They allowed us to sleep in the fenced in parking lot at their stadium.
So Pops and I had a wonderful "little" service in the truck. We had communion and prayer and then listened to a sermon by Harvey Hacker entitled, "Whatever happened to sin?" It is a sermon that he preached last year at Delmarva Family Camp.
Harvey wonders in the sermon why people seem immune to sin anymore. Or they want to cover or justify their sins or the sins of family members.
Harvey preached that we need to do three things: We need to Acknowledge our sin, We need to Abhor sin, and We need to Abstain from sin.
Of course Harvey, in only a way that he can, brought all of these points into light. He is a truth speaker but at the same time, he cracks me up with his humor.
We heard a wonderful, much needed to hear sermon.
People need to wake up! Sin is Sin and God stills HATES it!
He talked about how people "report" their sin when instead they need to "repent" of their sin. How many times have you been guilty of confessing your sin before others and then going back and doing it all over again?
Wake up, people, Acknowledge, Abhor and Abstain from sin.
Rejoice in this day that the Lord has made. Let your light shine before men. Let others see the love of Christ in you. And most of all; don't give in, don't be weak, persevere in your faith so that when the true judgement day comes you will hear God say, "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter in to the Kingdom of God."
Wow, the Kingdom of God! Of all of the awesome places and beauty that we have seen, Nothing will compare to that place. I can't wait to get there. I hope you are there too.
Love you,
Pray for us.

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