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Monday, May 16, 2011

Out West

We had to drive to Paris, KY to make our pick up. It didn't take us very long to go there from Cincinnati.
It was a very rural place, but a lot of industry was there. We drove for many miles through "horse country." Many big ranches with big, beautiful houses and field upon field of green pastures. I loved the fences surrounding these ranches. They were mostly painted white but some were black or red. It is a very pretty area.
We made our pickup. I was driving at the time so once we made our pickup Pops went to the bunk.
I listened to the radio and followed Gypsy's instructions. We traveled through KY, parts of Indiana, Illinois and then into St. Louis. While driving through Illinois I was shocked and amazed at the flooding in places. There were places that I knew were fields that looked like lakes. The water was so deep that it was actually making waves and they were lapping at the sides of the roadway. This went on for many miles. I took quite a few pictures. Yes, as I was driving. And it was like that on both sides of the highway.
I drove us into the St.Louis area and then Pops and I changed places. He began to drive. I made him a pot of coffee and gathered him a few snacks to eat while his shift of driving.
I noticed while passing that the monumental St. Louis Arch wasn't lit up this night. We have driven past before after dark and it had been lit up before. I will never forget the first time I saw it. I had the same feeling as when I first saw the Liberty Bell, "This is it?" Everything always is so blown up and exagerated when you see it on TV. But now that I've seen the arch a few times, I agree, there is something unique and special about it.
Anyway within an hour I was in the bunk and trying to sleep. After about 45 minutes of sleep, I heard Pops call my name. "We've got a problem, wake up."
I climbed out of bed and asked what was wrong.
He didn't answer me just climbed out of the truck and I saw him walk around and try to look under the truck.
When he got back in, he told me that we had dropped our tailpipe. It was dragging on the ground. Oh no, what are we going to do now? It is late, shall we call our owners?
Pops made an executive decision.
So 10 minutes later we were back on the highway, minus a tailpipe that was laying on the ground 2 exits back. We thought it best to wait until morning to call the owners, what could they do about it now anyway? I couldn't believe, we weren't even any louder. Honestly, you couldn't even tell a difference.
So I went back to bed.
When I woke up in the am, we were getting ready to fuel up in Oklahoma City. I helped Pops navigate around the city until we found the truckstop. We got fuel and walked the dogs and I got us something to eat. After fueling, It was my turn to drive.
So I took over the wheel and continued the drive through OK. Now remember, I am still collecting key chains from all the states and Ok was a new state for me to visit. And also, I am sending postcards from each state to my Dad so as I drove, I searched for a place to stop and buy those items.
I was seeing billboards for each of the Indian reservations along the way with one in particular standing out. So that was it, I pulled in there and grabbed my camera. There were buffalo in a pen out back. I took some pictures.
I went inside and purchased what I was looking for and a few souveniers for the kids. I also couldn't pass up homemade pie for Pops and I. And then back to the chore of driving.
To Be Continued....

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