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Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have two stories to relate to you from this week that I know you are not going to believe, but I promise you I am not making it up. You can ask Pops if you need verification, but I promise it's true.

Gypsy- is our beloved (usually) GPS. She really is like a family member to us. She has been having some problems lately. She stops on us and sometimes shuts down completely. Even though that is very frustrating and at times more than frustrating, we count on her every single day. Well, for the past few days, every so often she will, for no reason, say, "a 2." We have heard her do this several times and wondered what is going on, what is she starting to say?
Yesterday, she got mixed up on directions and could not right herself. We were upset about not having her assistance, but we were feeling sorry for her. (I know, we aren't right, but like I said, she is real to us.)
Remember this show? They loved their "family member, Robot." Well, we love Gypsy.
Anyway, last night while laying in bed waiting to sleep we heard Gypsy, "A 2" and suddenly it dawned on us, she is sneezing. Our Gypsy is sick, she has a virus! Oh poor, Gypsy.
We spoke to our company and without sounding "CRAZY" we explained to them that our GPS is not working properly. We are supposed to call back Monday morning and they will work with us to "fix" her.
I told you you wouldn't believe me.

Gas Company- Our last trip of the week was a pickup in Gloucester, MA. It was a Gas Company and it was a hazmat load.
We worked our way to the town of pickup, with little help from Gypsy. It is a very little town above Boston right on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a quaint little town with cute little marinas and cape cod style homes. But because of it being right out on the edge of land, everything is crammed into small amounts of land.
We were looking for a gas company and was being directed to drive through a residential area and it didn't feel right.
Then Gypsy told us that we had arrived and to look for our destination on the right. Well, on our right was a big old grave yard. I busted out laughing. Hahahaha, very funny. "Are you a Gas company," I asked the grave yard.
Just as a got that out of my mouth, I looked and the first name I saw on the biggest tombstone was:
I am not lying. That is the truth. Well, maybe Gypsy has a sense of humor even when she is sick.
We drove another "a 2" blocks and found our real destination on the right. We got loaded and headed to Tennessee.
I just love Gypsy. She's a hoot.

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