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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interesting things

During our travels through Missouri we have seen some interesting things. Of course, I can make just about anything seem interesting. I am easily fascinated, I guess. Anyway, I love seeing scenery and places of interest.
Right near Kansas City we saw a field with 2 coyotes on one end zigzagging back and forth with each other apparently hoping to “scare” up some food. I found that neat, watching them hunt like that. We see a lot of coyotes, but usually dead ones along the highway. We have seen coyotes in just about every state we’ve been to.
On the other end of the same field, there were a flock of turkeys. Of course the field was huge, but I wondered why the coyotes weren’t down there sneaking up on supper. Haha
There was a small patch of woods and then another field with a herd of deer. All of this was just outside of Kansas City!!! And directly across the highway were 2 sports stadiums. One was the field that the Kansas City Royals play on. I knew that because of the huge crown that was built into the design of the stadium. I would guess the other stadium might be for the Chiefs, but not sure.
We saw many interesting places to shop if I would’ve have the time, but we don’t have anywhere to store things like that anyway.
Later in the evening after delivering our second load of the day we noticed that we were traveling on the “Historic Route 66,” near St. Louis. Well, let me tell you this, although I thought it was cool to be on the road that had a song named after it, I surely wasn’t “getting any kicks.” We also drove for a while on a rural road that was deemed, “Lewis and Clark trail way.” Hmmm, to think I am now driving truck on a pathway that great pioneering explorers have traveled. I wonder what it looked like when they first saw it? I am pretty sure it looks a whole different now. And the wonderful Arch of St. Louis looks absolutely beautiful at nighttime.
We are on a layover now in near St. Louis. I have cleaned the truck and fixed us some breakfast of sausage, eggs, cheese, and  potatoes with sausage gravy over the top. I know that might sound yucky but it is pretty tasty. Try it. We first tried that in Los Angeles, CA.  Then I cooked some chili and a small batch of spaghetti to put in the refrigerator. I got all of the dishes done and am fairly content right now.
I have already done my First Place lesson, so I guess I shall kick up my feet and read for awhile. We are being offered runs, but none we want so far. It could be a long day. Oh well, I have a good book . Pops is pondering the loads and the dogs are sleeping.

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