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Monday, March 7, 2011


Sunday was a nice day. We don't usually ever have to pick up on a Sunday or if we do it is normally later in the day, but today we had a pickup at 10am. This meant that we wouldn't be able to go to church this morning.
We got hold of our nephew, Mikey, the night before (he lives within 15 minutes of our pickup) to see if he would be available to go to breakfast. We made arrangements to meet up with him at 7:30am. I was excited. Mikey had gotten married last summer and we have not had a chance to get to know his wife, Lina.
Sunday morning was cold. It had snowed the previous evening and a little was laying on the ground. Pops and I walked across the road to the Shoney's restuarant. We had to wait about 10minutes for them to show up.
We had a real nice visit with Mikey and Lina. But it was over far too soon. We had a pick up to make and they were going to be working on a house that they had purchased.
We were close to our pick up so we drove up there and got loaded really quickly. And then we were on our way to Michigan.
We looked for a church in our directory that would offer an evening service because we didn't deliver until morning. We called many, but most didn't have evening services.
We did locate one in Findlay, Ohio. They had a service at 6pm. So we chose that one.
Our good friend, Keenan, lives about an hour off our route and we would have loved to visit with him and his family at their church, but we felt it wouldn't be good to deviate that far from route. Next time, hopefully.
Anyway, Findlay Central Christian Church was a good choice. We had good parking and even made it in time to have a quick nap before service.
They don't normally offer communion on Sunday Evening, but they did see that we got served.
After that we joined in on their study of How to Study the Bible. We caught them on lesson 6, but it wasn't a problem and we both participated.
There was a young lady there named Nicki. She was a very nice young lady. She explained to me that she is the only one of her family that attends church. She trys hard to get them to come, but only her dad asks her questions about church and the rest don't pay attention to her. She was very sweet. She even told me that sometimes she walks to church when it is very cold, like today, but she doesn't like to miss. I loved her attitude.
She said she felt sorry for us because we had to live out of our truck until I explained that it was like a camper and that we weren't "homeless."
She also told us that sometimes the teenagers picked on her because she is different from them.
It's a shame that people don't see the soul and spirit of other people instead of challenges and appearances.
We really enjoyed our visit to that church and was spiritually fed. We would go there again.
It was a very nice day, indeed.

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