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Monday, March 14, 2011


We called around as usual to try to find a church to attend and found several. We looked up a couple on the internet. There was one that looked okay, but it was a huge "mega" church and we prefer small like we are used to.
Pops had a conversation with one minister and he doesn't preach anymore, but recommended a church based on a few things that Pops said. He told us that Murfreesboro Christian Church was probably exactly what we were looking for.
We set our alarms and did remember the time change and got up an hour early. We got ready and then drove to the church. It was about 23 miles from where we were.
The first thing I noticed was the preacher waiting on the front porch when we got there. Pops went in and started getting to know Bert Scott, the minister, while I took some pictures.
When I went in I was introduced to Bert and his wife, Patsy. They are some very nice, down to earth, people. I did feel welcome right away. All the people that we met were so very nice. It was a smaller, in the suburbs, church just like we attend back home.
Sunday School was taught by Bert. It was a lesson on leadership and it's qualifications from the Book of 1st Timothy. It is very hard to be a good leader and people are so quick to grumble against them.
After Sunday School they began their traditional worship service. The songs were led by a man named, Greg. We didn't get to speak with him, but he looked like someone that would be good to know.
Bert preached a sermon titled, "Take up the Cross." It was about what it means to take up your cross, how it is something that you might not want to do, but you volunteer to do it because of your love and obedience for the Lord. Being a crossbearer is more than "putting up with" illnesses and afflications. It really means to deny yourself, your desires, your passions, your family (sometimes), whatever, and put the service and work of the Lord first.
I will never understand how many people come into the church wanting to be fed and uplifted but never, ever give back in service or works. It is Church Service. Who is the Church? We are! What is Service? Works!
We are- Works!!! Do you work for the Lord?
Get with it people. Deny yourselves for a change and get busy about the Lord's business.
I really enjoyed our time at the Murfreesboro Christian Church. Once again, we shared with the Lord's people in a worship of our King.

After church we drove up the highway to the TA truckstop. I had laundry to do and we were going to eat in the restuarant today.
When we pulled into the fuel pumps, I noticed a truck trailer in front of us and then out of the side of the trailer was the front end of another truck. What in the world? Then I saw that it was a stage with guitars and microphones. The trailer was painted up, Joey Holliday.
Then he began to sing and I recognized a few of the songs.
He was very nice and friendly. He made a point of talking to every one that walked by even he was in the middle of a song.
Once in the restuarant, I ordered a New York strip steak with shrimp in alfredo sauce. Yep, from a truckstop, and it was so, so, so very good. It came with a baked potato and corn and of course bread, soup and salad bar. Pops got meatloaf, it was all you can eat. We paid with the points that we earned from getting fuel there, so it was quite a bargain for $4.95.
It was 70 degrees and sunny so the dogs and I took a little walk around the place after eating. Then our company offered to pay us to relocate to Gary, Indiana so we took them up on their offer.
It was a super Sunday.
Joey Holiday

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