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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home again, home again, jigety jig

We are home, We are home. I am so glad to be here.
I started to have real bad homesick issues last weekend. I was so depressed and upset. I just wanted to come home and was not sure how or when it was going to happen.
We were in KY with a delivery for Monday am in TN. We were delivering at a GM plant. We were carrying parts to build motors. We got there early in the am and drove around the back of the building. There was a big giant skunk running around behind the place. He ran under a rock ledge and hid there. But when we were driving away we could still see his tail sticking out.
Then we had another load picking up in TN in the afternoon and delivering in Charlotte, NC.
On our way to Charlotte we were still driving through TN and was going up a big, windy mountain. It was very steep and curvy. The scenery was pretty. Just before the crest of the hill there was a place with a picnic table in a grassy area. Across the road from there was a HUGE rock (as big as my garage) with a stone staircase carved into it. There was some sort of plaque there probably describing why we were seeing what we were seeing but we couldn't stop to read it. We were fascinated and would like to go back through there again sometime. Because now that we know it is there we could plan to stop if only for a few minutes.
At the top of the mountain we were driving through some low hanging trees very well kept edges to the roads. All at once there was a stone gateway on the road in front of us. There was no gate, just the stone pillars on both sides of the road. The sign said we were entering the town of Sewanee, population 2000.
There wasn't much there, a few stores and shops, a restuarant or two, and some kind of school. But there were signs stating that Sewanee, The University of the South was here, although we never saw it. In a very short time we were again driving through another stone gate on the other end of town. It was a very enchanting kind of place right there on top of that mountain.
Pops made our delivery in NC early in morning before I even woke up. After that we found a Walmart and parked there for what we hoped would only be a short time but by lunch time we were still there.
Pops was sleeping so I was reading and trying to be quiet. About 2:30 in the afternoon, we got the load that I had been hoping for. I knew that we had picked up several times in Arden, NC and took the load to Kodak in Rochester in NY. I really wanted that load because I still had not picked up my ring that we had ordered there during our anniversary in January. So finally I would get to pick it up.
We drove to Arden and picked up a load of printing paper.
After leaving Arden we got to drive through some of our favorite places. We drove through Hendersonville, which is very near the famous Biltmore Estate. I want to visit there so much. Even if we just have lunch or tea. Then we drive through a very scenic area of North Carolina in the foothills of the Smokey Mts. Then actually up and over some of the mountains. Oh my, the Smokies are oh so beautiful. Then, well, all of TN is amazing, what is not to like?
Of course then, later after dark I get the grand priveledge of crossing the hated The New River Gorge Bridge. I hate that bridge.
Then it was Pops' turn to drive and I went to sleep.
I woke up as we pulled into Kodak. It didn't take longer than 20 minutes to get unloaded and get away from there.
We, once again, drove to Walmart. I went in to get my ring and the jewelry counter was GONE! It wasn't there. I asked and found out that they had remodeled the store and was directed to where the jewelry counter was now located. But then, the girl couldn't find it. I explained that we had ordered it in January and sure enough she found it then. I also picked up the movie, Tangled. It is a Disney movie cartoon about Rapunzel.
So when I went back out to the truck, while Pops was sleeping, I watched the movie and chatted with some friends on Facebook. And tried to read, but the book I chose this time just wasn't catching my interest.
When Pops woke up around 4:00, I fixed us a big salad for supper and then we decided that we would work our way home and if we got a load that didn't take us too far away we would take it and if not, we would be home late tonight sometime.
So, we set off, We drove for about 45 minutes to an hour and stopped at a truckstop to shower. We talked about it and thought we would lay down and sleep a little before going the rest of the way.
When my alarm went off at 2:15, neither of us wanted to get awake. So after a cup of coffee we hit the road. I could not get awake. When we stopped to use the restroom we decided to sleep some more. So we did and didn't wake up until about 8:30. Oh well, we will be home a little after lunchtime.
We arrived home about 1:30 and it feels so good to be here. We think we will probably head out again on Wednesday. We do have a lot to do first though.
Jigety Jig.


Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

Home Sweet Home. Have a nice visit!

Chad said...

I get those same homesick feelings! There is a joy that is not able to be put into words when you are with the people you love and they love you back!