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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a day!

Let me just tell you, I had some very serious emotional stuff going on last night. I was so filled with crazy, unbelievable stories (a truck hitting a giraffe on the highway and a truck driving into an old shed near a lake and being taken underground to a secret location) and all of that classroom info. I was so very tired and then I got sick. Some stomach bug attacked me about 10:30pm and I was sick until about 8:00 this morning.
When we got up and got ready I ran over to the store and bought some tums, that helped a lot. At least I could sit in the class. At about 9:45, the fire alarm went off and we had to exit the building. It was pouring down rain, can you even believe that? And it was for real, there was an actual issue with something in the building overheating and the fire dept. coming. Meanwhile everyone (about 350 people) stood in the rain.
And it was chilly so that was not good.
Anyway, I started to feel better after that. haha
Back to class until 4:00. We got our FedEx shirts and hats today. And our badges. Now we are official.
After class we got together with Tate and Shirley and went to eat. Backup: Let me just tell you, FedEx was in no way letting us starve. We were served muffins, cereal, granola bars and every kind of fresh fruit all we wanted. Along with juice, milk, coffee or water all we wanted anytime of the day. Remember they gave us each $10 for lunch. Then chips, crackers, or many snack foods in the afternoon. We really weren't hungry at suppertime. But we went with them just to chat mostly. They really are nice people.
After we ate they handed us the keys and the truck is now ours. I got my roadtest with Bill. We drove about 20 miles around the city and interstate of Canton, Oh. We drove right past the Pro Football Hall of Fame!
Now we are trying to figure out our satallite tv, w/ no luck so far. We got the XM radio to come in so we are listening to the Giants game. They are losing 2-0 to Arizona.
So tomorrow we do have class until 11:00 and having our new C-link computer installed in our truck. This is how we will get our dispatch and do electronic log books. It also contains a truckers GPS and many other features. We may drive back out here on Friday for Military and Radioactive training. That would allow us to make a lot more money. Might as well.
Please pray for Kelly and Ruth from Rest Assured. Kelly is not feeling well today either and Ruth is having a problem with her shoulder.
Love you all. More later. Pictures soon, I promise.

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collettakay said...

Glad you're feeling better! How do you like the truck?