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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Done with training

Well, training is done for us for now. At least until maybe Friday. So we are visiting Starla and Bill for a few days. They are getting settled into the house and it looks nice.
The dumpster is gone!!!! We had over 2 tons of garbage.
Boy, did my dogs miss me. They were so excited to see me.
Oh yeah, wait! I almost forgot to tell you what happened the first night we spent in our new home. We could not get the tv to work so we listened to the Giant ballgame, I know, I already told you that last night. Just stick with me. I got really tired and Pops wasn't feeling good so we went to the bunk about midnight. I basically slept pretty good until I heard Pops get up to go to the bathroom around 3:30. We fell back to sleep and something woke me up. There was some kind of scratching noise. I listened and convinced myself that someone was trying to get into our storage compartments on the outside of the truck. I tried to wake Pops but he just grunted and rolled over. The movement of him moving caused the noise to stop for a while. Pretty soon I heard it again. I sat up and turned the light on thinking I would scare whoever it was away. But it was a mouse. A mouse! in our truck! 2 feet from my head. Well, let me tell you. I was awake now and so was Pops. "Come on." he said "We'll go to the bathroom." I don't know what that was going to accomplish, but I did have to go. On the way back he said, "I am a big man and it's a little mouse. We'll be ok. Now are you going to sleep or what?" Well, I am no sissy. But it was a mouse. Right there. I fell asleep. You gotta have priorities, you know. So now that we are here visiting Starla, I remembered that I had some items that will take care of that problem under the kitchen sink, so hopefully next trip out in the truck Mickey won't be a pasenger.
Training went well today and the new electronic log books are grand. It will take Pops awhile to get used to them, but since I didn't know the paperlogs they were easy for me to learn.
He drove the truck home and I followed in the car,.....for about 1 mile. Then I realized that I had 0 gallons of gas. So I had to stop. I called him and told him that I would catch up. We met at the rest stop just outside of Youngstown, OH. The rest of the trip home was pretty uneventful.
The boys came down for supper and Starla and Bill were here so it is really nice. Tomorrow the truck get cleaned really good inside and then I will take some pictures for you.
Take care and God bless you all.


collettakay said...

Sounds like quite an adventure already!

Doug says the mouse is one of God's creatures and you should be nice to it.

Hope to see you soon!

spartusnecr0 said...

I'm with Doug. The mouse is one of God's creatures, but I think you should reunite it with it's maker...