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Monday, September 20, 2010


Argh, We got up at 7:00am because our dumpster was supposed to come a little after 8:00am. We were anxious to get busy. Well......9, 10, 11, 11:30 came and went and no dumpster. Pops got busy trying to clean out the garage anyway. I finished the computer room, and worked a little bit in the basement shelves.
At noon, Pops came in and we got something to eat and then we did practice tests for Haz-mat on the internet. Out of 65 questions he only missed 4 and I missed 6, not too bad, I guess. I am glad to have that studying under my belt. Please pray that we will have good recall tomorrow when we go for our tests.
Starla called then and told us that the dumpster would be here by 2pm. Well.....2 came then 3, then 3:30 Bill called and said by 4 for sure. Guess what? 4:30, 5pm no dumpster. I finally gave up and went to the store. I wanted to have pizza for supper and I needed ice cream to go with Starla's birthday cake. HAPPY  BIRTHDAY, DAUGHTER. LOVE YOU BUNCHES.
So, no word on the dumpster. I sure hope we are still getting one. But we already started talking about a plan B. Ha.
Oh well, gotta get into a better mood. Bill and Starla will soon be here and we can eat cake and ice cream. Yum yum.
Remember....we need your prayers tomorrow.

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collettakay said...

That stinks! Who did you call for the dumpster?

I hope you had a good time with Starla on her birthday!