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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Knowledge increases hope

Knowledge increases hope is the title of the lesson in my First Place book this week. How appropriate for what I am facing. My brain hurts from all the Haz-mat knowledge I am cramming into it. However with each tidbit of learning my hope is increasing.
Pops and I are studying so hard to pass this test for Hazardous Materials. It is a lot of stuff. He seems to be "getting it" so much easier than I am. And seriously after a while I feel like all I am reading is, "Wah, wah, waaah."
But it will all be worth it.
We are going Tuesday late morning to take this exam. Please, keep me in your prayers.
I am still packing and cleaning. I have soooooooo much stuff. Why do we accumulate so much? Why is it so difficult to throw things out? I almost have the computer room packed and ready. The sunroom, kitchen, living room and dining room are done. Keep in mind, I am only packing my personal stuff. Most furnishings and decorations are staying for Starla and Bill to use.
We are having a dumpster delivered tomorrow. We will be working in the garage and basement all this week. I would like to have the basement totally cleaned out for Bill and Starla to use as their own storage space. All of our personal items and our vehicles will be put in the garage, however.....our garage is presently a dumping ground for everyone's unwanted and unused junk. I think we might need several dumpsters. Oh my, what did we get ourselves into?
Bill and Starla came up today. I showed him what kinds of jobs will need done before winter and also some things I have planned for spring time. Pops thinks I am overwhelming him with projects. I don't think I am. How about Bill? Too much for ya?
I am happy that they will be living in our house. I feel assured that they will take care of it like we do, maybe better.
I met a new friend on the internet yesterday. Her name is Kim. She and her husband do the same work that Pops and I will be doing. She is really liking it so far and I enjoy talking with her.
Well I better get back to the learning, it is increasing my hope for the future that God has in store for me.


Brandi said...

Many prayers as you study and sounds like a grand adventure and you will be so happy when you are on your way! :0)


Noni & Pops said...

Thanks, Brandi for your prayers. Keep following us. You are an inspiration.

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

I think it's awesome that Starla and Bill will be staying at your place. That sounds like a win, win situation.

Will pray that everything goes okay today. I'm sure you'll both do fine.

What an adventure you are about to start.