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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Smokey Mountains

There is not a lot to tell about this past week. It was kind of a ho hum kind of week. And I also have some of the pictures out of sequence.

We began our week in Greensburg, NC. We were still feeling pretty uplifted from a fabulous church service the day before. We got to a big chemical place and didn't know where to enter. Once we finally figured it out, the dock workers were a little impatient. Their words were impolite and not very professional. Great, I hate when somebody having a bad day ruins my "good so far" day. It didn't take long to load us and we were on our way. 
I was driving first and we were headed to Tennessee, Knoxville region. So it was a trip across the Smokey Mountains. 
Pops finished up the drive and we got there late at night. In the morning we got unloaded then had to deadhead back across the Smokies to our next pickup. Again I was driving. It is ALWAYS a scenic trip albeit SLOW, every time. 
After our pickup in Spartanburg, it was yet again, back over the mountains. My dad used to sing me a song about The bear that went over the mountain, to see what he could see. Well, we about seen it, now, 3 crossings in two days.

Pops took over the driving then and when we reached the beautiful city of Louisville, KY. I noticed that the bridges were lit. I didn't have time to grab my camera so I had to use my phone. It was just gorgeous to see.

After delivering in Madison, we took a short run from Madison to Minneapolis. Then we had a deadhead to Fargo, ND for a pickup. 

The smoky Smokies

North Carolina, that's all I'm saying.

These 3 pictures are from a rock/mud slide that completely closed Interstate 75 in Tennessee for over a month. Southbound lanes are open now and one northbound lane is open. Geez, a good part of that mountain just slid right off.

Cranberry bog in Wisconsin

Mississippi River, Wisconsin

After picking up in Fargo, I got to drive us back across Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Mansion at Somerset, PA

Somerset County Courthouse. Somerset, PA is my hometown. I was born and raised here. There is so much beauty in and around Somerset. Wisconsin reminds me very much of parts of Pennsylvania. I think that's why I always enjoy the trip through there.

Our load from Fargo came to a suburb of Philadelphia. 
It was Friday. We were predispatched for Monday morning picking up in New Jersey. So we headed that direction and settled in at the TA truckstop in Paulsboro, NJ. The sky got so red and a thunderstorm kicked up that evening. It didn't last long, and then the sky was pretty.

We did not find a suitable church to assemble with this week, so we tuned in to a live stream service from with Joe Guthrie, out of Brunswick, GA. We left him know the night before that we would be streaming the service and he mentioned that fact to the congregation. What a tool the Internet and live streaming can be. It has been good for us several times. 

Continue to keep us in prayer, please. 

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