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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Big runs, beautiful scenery

We were to pickup Me nay morning in Denver. It was a huge government facility. But apparently winter was going to have a last hoorah in the mountains all around Denver. So we stayed back away until morning. 
Yes, it had snowed but by morning the roads were plowed and we didn't have any trouble at all.
When we got to the facility there was some big conference taking place. So our checking and inspection took longer than usual since all conference goers also had to check in. 
As we waited we watched a flock of wild turkeys. There were so many of them and they were running around all over, including the parking lots.
Finally we got our load on and got moving. We did see where some places had gotten 2 feet of snow or more. It was a pretty ride as usual across the mountains that day. 
Once over the Rockies, we were out of snow.
Pops took over the drive somewhere in Utah. Then I got to ride and enjoy the settings. It wasn't long though until I fell asleep. I woke briefly when Pops stopped in Las Vegas for fuel. 
When I woke in the morning, it was my turn to drive. We weren't far from our delivery. 
We delivered near Gilroy, CA. Gilroy is famous for garlic. Most US garlic is grown in Gilroy. You can smell it for miles. It makes me want spaghetti.
We got our load off and headed toward our predispatch. It was picking up in San Dimas, the home of Bill and Ted. Remember them? They had an Excellent Adventure in the eighties.
On the way we stopped to sleep and then in the morning we went to the Black Bear Diner for breakfast. The Black Bear diners are only on the west coast. They are, of course, bear themed. They serve good food with large portions. It is country style, home cooking. If ever on the west coast look for a Black Bear Diner.
On Wednesday around 3pm eastern time we got our load from San Dimas loaded and now was on our way to Mississippi just south of Memphis. It was due to deliver Friday morning. We had 1775 miles to go by Friday morning.
It was a round the clock drive with both of us driving 600 miles a shift. 
After our delivery on Friday morning, we went to the local truckstop. We got a Monday/Tuesday load in Arkansas, but there is a church right where we are that is like a home church to us. We have a lot of good friends from this church. We have been here often and have gotten to know some of them well. So we hung around until Sunday.
And so very glad we did. It was so good to see our friends and worship with them. After church we went to eat with two of them, Daniel And Mary Richardson. It was a great time of fellowship.
We are now headed to Arkansas. Pray for us, please.


The turkeys. 

I was feeding the magpies my old bread.

Snow on the mountains

Ghost Rock Canyon

Bill and Ted

This is where we were when we heard about the death of Prince. 

Daniel and Mary Richardson

Oh yeah, let me tell you about the new grandson. Here he is with cousin Addilyn Rose Bence.

Abuela Angie holding Mason

This is my sister, Amy holding Addi and me holding Mason. I love it that our kids had kids at the same time and we get to do the grandma thing together.

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