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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Surprise Barbara

We did get a load. We had to drive to Philadelphia to pick it up and it was going to Kansas City. 
We left home around 5pm and drove close to our pick up destination. In the morning we got our load on. It was only one pallet. 
I was going to be driving the Pennsylvania turnpike for bout 300 hundred miles. I drove 571 miles that day and then switched out with Pops.
Shortly, I was in bed.
I woke up as Pops was going through the guard station at our drop off destination. 
We have a very good friend, Barbara, that lives in Kansas City. I tried to contact her to meet up and go for dinner or at least coffee. But she was at work and I didn't hear from her. 
We were parked at a Walmart near her home. We had met her there several times. But I still wasn't hearing anything from her.
And then, while reading, I saw someone come up to the side of my truck. It was her. She had stopped here to get gas and saw our truck. She still hadn't seen my messages so it was a surprise for her to see us there. 
So we went to dinner. It was so good to spend time and catch up with each other. I just love her so much.
Then she had to go and we got ready to move on to our next load.
We had a bogus load to relocate us to Denver, because there was an actual load in Denver for us going to California.
Pops was driving and we drove through Topeka. It was the first time I had seen this city at night. It looked so pretty. We stayed the night in Colby, Kansas. Our eat load from Denver picks up Monday and there is heavy snow in the area all weekend so we don't want to go the whole way just yet.

Tom and Sophia have been sending me pictures of Mason everyday. I can't believe that tomorrow he is a week old. 

On Saturday we watched The Corner Gas Movie. It was so much fun to watch, especially since Pops and I had actually have been to Dog River and spent a day visiting there. We had lunch in a cafe that is the police station in the show.

On Sunday we were kind of stuck in no man's land because of the snow. So while at the rest area we watched two online sermons and had communion together. 
I was happy to see that my daughter in law, Melynie, and granddaughter, Katie, went to see Mason today.

And remember my grand niece, Addilyn Rose Bence? She was born in December. She is getting so big and adorable. Here she is with my sister, Amy,  her Grammy.

So we pick up tomorrow and drive through heavy snow in the Rocky Mountains and then on to California. 
Pray for us, please.

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