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Saturday, April 16, 2016

At Home

On Friday morning Pops and I got up to take our taxes over to Somerset to get done. On the way there while passing through the town of Berlin I saw my brother and his girlfriend, Jenn. They were walking up the street to the local restaurant. After getting gas in my car, I turned around and ran into the restaurant to get a hug and talk a few minutes with Jim and Jenn. Then it was on to Somerset.
After dropping off our taxes we drove to Walmart to pick up some groceries then back to the house.
It sure felt nice to be home.
Saturday morning, Starla and I drove to Summit Mills. It is a small Amish community near our home. They have a discount grocery store and sell some unique items. I have never been there and thought it sounded like fun.
Both of us had forgotten that the annual Maple Festival was going on in Meyersdale and today was the parade. This is always a big deal and even in cold weather, just like today. But we made our way through the streets and then on to Summit Mills.
The moment that I parked the car my phone rang. It was Tom. My connection was not good but I heard him say that they were at the hospital and the baby was being induced.
We did go into the store and looked around a little but I didn't buy anything and Starla just got a few things. 
I called Pops and told him about Sophia and the baby so he was waiting when I got home.
The three of us drove to the hospital and sat with Tom and Sophia for a couple of hours. Labor was not progressing so we went back to the house.
Tom promised to call if her labor got stronger.
I called Tom on Sunday morning. He said she still was not dilating. So we went to church with Starla at New Venture. It is very close to the hospital. It was a nice service and I got to meet some friends of Starla's. 
After church we went to the hospital again and hung around. After a couple of hours, Starla and Bill went home, I stayed at the hospital. 
At 6 pm more mess were given to Sophia to speed things. 
Pops and Starla came back around 8 hoping to meet the baby. Sophia's family and best friend were also there.
She was dilating, but slowly. 
At 11 pm the night nurse came in and announced that Sophia needed to sleep. She wanted everyone to wait in the waiting room except those who would stay during the birth.
Everyone left then except Tom and me. 
Tom tried to nap. Sophia did sleep some. 
Soon her dad returned and so did, best friend, Jessica.
A little before 3am she was fully dilated and labor began. At 3:46, Mason was born. 
Shortly after, all visitors left for home to get some rest.
Pops and Starla got up early on Monday to drive to the Ohio house (hunting camp) to mow grass and check on things. I slept til a little past noon then went to the hospital.
Both Tom and Sophia looked very tired. I got to hold my grandson. Sophia's dad, Hank, and Jessica were there too. 
What a beautiful baby!
On Tuesday Pops and I picked up our taxes. Then we drove to the hospital. I loved watching Pops hold that baby.
I tried to soak up as much of that baby love as I could. I won't be seeing him again for two whole months, Memorial Day. I can't wait. My heart is bursting with love.
We were on call on Wednesday so we waited by the phone until we got a load. Oh my, I hate leaving home now.

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