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Thursday, March 19, 2015

So, so close, but no cigar

We got a load that picked up near Salt Lake City and going to Phoenix, AZ. We checked the routes and we would be traveling a route that we never have before and several spare hours too. But better yet, we would be less than 20 miles from the east rim of the Grand Canyon.
Oh boy, visiting there is on our bucket list.
The scenery was fantastic the whole way. We were traveling art 143. 
Here are just some of the highlights.

By the time we got through all of that prettiness, it was dark. So driving the 20 miles to the canyon was of no use. Pops said, "next time." 
I was disappointed, but I sure don't want to have to see it in the dark. We'll get there one day.

But Pops did see something else.......a roadrunner. He has never ever seen one before and while parked at our delivery, it ran right past our truck.

I was excited for him to get to see that.
But then....
A whole family of quail came by.

Here is a map that will get you to all 48 states and most all of the famous landmarks.

I love this flag and what it stands for.

So, it's spring training for baseball teams. We really debated going to see our favorite, SF Giants, but it was 91 degrees and I must avoid the sun with the skin spots. Oh well.
We did drive past the Angels stadium.

Then we had a strange trip to San Jose, CA. We had to take a load there, drop it off, then wait 24 hours to pick it back up and the 24 hours later deliver back to Phoenix, AZ. So we enjoyed the 70 degree temps, the flowers and blooms, the singing birds, the rolling hills, and the time to sit still and still get paid.
I watched TV and saw a show called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. They were highlighting an Italian Deli in Scottsdale, AZ called DeFalco's Italian Grocery and Deli. Pops and I paid close attention because we knew we would be near Scottsdale on Sunday.
They make their own sausage and most of the cheeses that they use in their foods. They made a calzone called, The Centurian with their meat, cheese, tomato and basil and their homemade sauce. It looked really good. Then they made a sandwich with their homemade sausage with peppers and onions with cheese and sauce, yummy. 
It is also a grocery so they sell many Italian foods and groceries.
That place looks fantastic.

 Not too far north of Los Angeles on I-5 is a gorgeous Lake. We always enjoy looking at it, but this time we saw so many fishing boats that we were a little envious and now are looking forward to getting our boat fixed up so it is ready for us, whenever we can go.

Pops told me I was A rhinosaurus. I told him I was Ryan awesomeness.

After we delivered on Sunday, we still had time to get to Church. We went to Chandler Christian Church in Chandler, AZ. We have been there before and like it.

After church we went to DeFalco's Italian Grocery and Deli. Yep, we did! And we ordered the sausage sandwich and the Centurian calzone. I also ordered us each a cannoli. Pops had never had a cannoli. So too bad we didn't order 2 for the road because that's all he talked about for 2 days.
This place is small and cluttered, but oh so worth it. If you ever find yourself in Scottsdale, AZ go there, but remember, cannoli, 2 for the road.

This is Chandler Christian Church.

Praising through song.

The outdoor baptistery.

After church we saw these people enjoying the lovely day in the air.

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