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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mt Rushmore

Pops and I had a trip that took us to South Dakota. By traveling about 20-25 miles extra we figured we would be able to visit Mt. Rushmore. I was so excited.
So they closer we got, the more excited I became. 
As we got within 5 miles we started to see strict warning signs about No commercial vehicles being allowed into the memorial area. We were a little concerned but continued on thinking that the road drove past without entering the memorial. But it soon became clear that that was not the case. We were less than 2 miles away and were not permitted to go any further.
Oh, the disappointment!!
Pops called the visitor center to explain that although our truck is commercial it is also like an RV and that it is our home. But we were told we could not enter the park. 
So, I turned the truck around.
A park ranger vehicle blocked the road as I turned our truck around then pulled in behind me.
He got out of his truck and approached my window. I was thinking that not only was I disappointed, now I would be in trouble too.
He said, "This is the most interesting vehicle that I have ever seen. Did you turn around because of being a commercial vehicle?"
I told him yes, that we were told to turn around, that we couldn't enter.
He said to me, "Yes, we enforce that, but you can go. Your vehicle will handle the narrow roads and curves." He even told us where to stop for the best pictures. We just were not allowed into the paid parking lot or visitors center lot. But that was ok with us. We just wanted to see and get pictures.
What a day, an emotional roller coaster.

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