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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Loving ' the West

This beauty is in Idaho.

We delivered to a military base and parked at the gate until delivery time. The field was filled with these little gophers that are just slightly bigger than a hamster.

Yes, there really is a George, Washington.

We made a quick stop at this place to view the gorgeous Columbia River.

Then we traveled through Portland, Oregon and south to California.

California, San Jose area was all abloom. The almond, pecan and pistachio trees were lovely. 
Then we traveled I-70 through UTAH and Colorado. That is an awesome ride. The scenery is amazing anytime of the year.

Saw these Bison near Boulder City above Denver.

Then back I-80 through Wyoming at night and UTAH in the daylight.

And then on to Las Vegas. NASCAR was in town. We were at the truckstop next to the racetrack. There is a military base very near as well, so it was quite noisy. We got a load on Friday so had to leave before the "big" race took place.

Back to UTAH. Gosh, we are putting on the miles and really getting around. And each time there is something more beautiful to see. 

Thank You, Lord for keeping us safe and allowing us to see Your glory through the landscapes.

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