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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016

Monday morning I had a Dr appointment. They called and said that he wanted to see me. I think he must have just been lonely, because all we talked about was everything that the nurse had told me on the phone a month ago. So, I paid him $25 copayment just so we could chat for about 15 minutes.
We began to get load offers right at 11:00. And before too long we accepted a dispatch picking up the next day in Morgantown, WV.
Since we had the rest of the day free, Pops went hunting deer and Starla and I went to the grocery store. I needed to re stock our truck. We went a round about way because I wanted to swing by Hyndman and drop something off to Chad, our preacher. 
Then we stopped at the meat market for burger. Yeah, burgers sounded good. Anything but turkey.
Then on for groceries.
Ops and I got up at 3:15 and left the house. Everything was covered with a thick coating of ice. However, the roads were just wet, not slippery.

After our pickup we traveled back towards our place and Cumberland, MD. It had warmed a little but the ice was still hanging on. And then we ran through a brief rain shower that brought out a pretty rainbow.
That afternoon we delivered in Deleware.
We had another load the next day that was picking up near Philadelphia. We spent the night at a rest area near our pickup.
After picking up the next day around noon, we got started on our journey. We were headed to Louisville, KY for the next morning. 
I was driving first and most of my drive was on the PA turnpike. I drove to the service plaza at New Stanton and then we switched off. 
I woke up as Pops was getting our product off the truck in Louisville. 
Then we drove 1/4 mile to the Pilot truck stop. Pops had to sleep, so I sat quietly while he did. I worked on paperwork and paying bills while he slept. Occasionally a load offer would come. It was Thursday, New Years Eve. All the load offers were for Monday. Eventually I accepted one for Monday that picked up in Bloomington, IN. 
We did decide to spend the night at the Pilot before heading toward our pickup.
We watched movies and ate some leftover holiday food that I brought from home. Just before midnight as I was chatting with my good friend, Barbara. She suggested we both have a cup of tea "together" to ring in the new year. Great idea, a virtual tea party. Pops and Starla joined in too. It was fun. We sipped tea and chatted and celebrated the brand new year.
On Friday after breakfast we headed North. We needed fuel so we stopped at a TA truckstops about 70 miles from Pickup. We decided to stay here until Saturday evening so we settled in and watched a lot of movies, all the while still eating our leftover holiday food. We were getting pretty sick of it about now too. I did grind up the turkey and made turkey salad.
On Sunday we had church with the  Sherwood oaks church in Bloomington, IN. The singing was really nice. The communion meditation by John Muffler was good. Pray for his family as his relatives are from St Louis area where the severe flooding is happening. 
Then we heard a really good sermon by Tom Ellsworth using Psalm 121 as his text. It was Where is your focus?
It was a very good message.
Then back in the truck. We tried to watch some football but the channel didn't want to stay. So, you guessed it, more movies. 
Late in the evening I got a message from my sister that her sons wife was in labor. I am so excited for her. She gets her 1st grand baby. How exciting! I can't wait to hear from her that the baby had arrived. 

This is Barbara.

This is Barbara preparing.

My cup.

Starla joined in.

Pops' cup.

Nice neighbor doggie. She liked me.

Addilyn Rose Bence is here.

She checked out just fine.

Gee Amy with Addi.

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