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Friday, January 8, 2016

Loss of friends

I believe in confession.

I must confess that Satan has really been trying to trip me up. He is hitting me hard by taking away friendships. This hurts. 
I mailed a book, Muscle and shovel, to 5 friends. This book is written by a church of Christ person. It is written very well and explains the how's and whys of the beliefs of the church of Christ. 
Most of these that I sent the book to have said that they threw the book away before completing it. 
The women that I sent the book to are not members of a church of Christ congregation. 
Since mailing the book, 10 women have deleted me, and only 1 of them has ever come to me for a calm discussion, 1 has bashed the beliefs as a cult, and another (not sure who) is still proceeding to get friends to delete me.
I have not hastily responded. I have not argued. I have not acted in any manner other than loving, yet hurt. 
It  makes me heartsick. But I will not back away from my beliefs. 
I need to get past these distractions and back to my focus on God.
Pray for me, please.

A note from my accountability Manager:

Sorry you've gone through a rough patch with friends and Muscle and A Shovel. 😞 You can hold your head high though, because they won't get to eternity and cry out "If you knew this, and were my friend, why didn't you tell me?" Keep your hand on the Gospel plow! Sometimes it's our ministry to sow seeds, and share the news. Following Jesus ought to cost us something. If it isn't, maybe we're just benchwarmers. Keep it up lady!

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