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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Week

We were almost to our delivery in Maryland. We were very close to the delta of the Patexent River. It flows into the Chesapeake Bay. The early morning sun was pretty. 
We had a load after that going to Rhode Island. This would leave us about 500 miles from home and so we worked out a deal with our company that they would pay us a small amount to go home in addition to our pay for the load. 

So we were off to Rhode Island. 
I had picked up a nasty cold on top of my allergies. So I felt sore, achy, headachy, whiny and miserable. The weather was pouring rain. 
Our delivery on Wednesday morning went smoothly and we were expecting to head home and get there by this evening. 
But then our company pestered us about one more load. We would need to go north, near Boston to pickup and it delivered Thursday (Christmas Eve) in Philadelphia. The pay was reasonable and they still agreed to give a little pay for us to head home, so we accepted.
It only took us a little over an hour to get to our pickup. We were told that we had to sit in the truck and wait.
Shortly, someone came out and our load cancelled. Oh no, now here we are almost 600 miles from home, no load and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I was getting even more bawly. 
Pops called FedEx and explained our situation and the deal that we had worked out from before. He told them that we had had a deal to go home from Rhode Island, could we at least be paid that much so we could head home.
Well for some reason our original deal could not be found in their computers and the person we made the deal with was not yet at work.
We were told to head home and "we will work out something."
I didn't have a whole lot of faith at that point but I had even less patience, so we headed home. Pops was driving.
By the time we reached the Connecticut line, we got the dispatch on our computer. They did make our deal! And it included the Massachusetts miles too! Yay, now I could relax and focus on home time.

We saw these cars driving through Hartford, CT. I had never ever heard of a Pagani before, so I googled the license plate. I found out that this car is 1 of 1 ever made. It is valued at $400,000. It is 670hp which means it can go 217 mph. It can do 0-62mph in just 3 seconds!
Who can afford this car? Well, a divorce attorney from Long Island, NY, of course.

The Timex museum is in Waterbury, CT.

We got home Wednesday night and slept in our truck so as not to wake up Bill and Starla. On Thursday Starla and I went grocery shopping to buy all the food for our weekend. We had no plans for Christmas Eve other than last minute prep.
On Christmas Day, our morning was just Pops, Bill P., Starla and myself. We opened our gifts and then just lounged around.
Later in the morning we were visited by my sister, Amy and her husband, Scott. Their son, Levi and wife, Amanda came too. They are expecting their first child, a little girl, in just a week or so.
Later that night Bill P's kids came to visit. 

The next day, Saturday, was our family meal. Almost everyone was there, except for grandkids, Derrick (in the army, overseas) and Katie (on college basketball team, playing in Las Vegas.)
We made a smoked turkey and a deep fried turkey. We had mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, tossed salad, jello with pears, corn and limas, stuffing, cookies, fudge eight pies and who knows what else. We sure didn't leave hungry.
Instead of traditional pictures, we each brought a wrapped pair of silly socks, exchanged the wrapped socks and then took family pictures of the feet.
The top, left photo is mine and Pops'.
On Sunday we attended our home church of Wills Mountain Church of Christ. It was so good to be there. I just love my church family so very much.
Later, Sunday evening, we were invited to some friends, Jim and Elizabeth Housel. We have known them for so many years.
It was so nice to just get away with friends and relax. My stress levels and emotions had been going crazy lately, so this visit was just wonderful. 
Liz gave me a ring. It says, grateful. It is a beautiful reminder to me to BE grateful and remain grateful no matter what else is going on. 
I believe we stayed a little long, but we were enjoying the visit so much, AND THEY HAVE 3 DOGS!!!
I like dogs a little bit. Hah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs.
Before we left Jim and Liz sang a song for us that they picked out just for Pops. It was called, I need the prayers.
Oh, man, it was great!

We had a great holiday at home. 

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