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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Truckstop Dentist

Truckstop Dentist

Yesterday while sitting in Salt Lake City waiting for a load, we got a call from FedEx telling us that Pops needed to go for a random drug test.
They sent us an address and told us we had 1/2 hour to get there.
It was about 12 miles from where we were parked.
As we got off the exit that we were directed to, I noticed a truckstop and told Pops that maybe we should just come to this one when he was done at the medical office. So that is what we did. 
We did not yet have a load.
I saw a big sign advertising a dental office inside the truckstop. It has been too long since I've had mine cleaned and I suspected that I might have a cavity. So I spontaneously decided to go in. 
Pops would wait in the truck and answer any load offers.
I walked in, filled out a paper, and went directly to the exam room. They took x-rays and cleaned my teeth. The price was extremely fair. 
But he asked me why I had never had my 2 bottom wisdom teeth pulled. He said they were a little loose and would start to cause me some problems in the future. He also told me that I had TWO cavities.
I asked him for some pricing and asked if I could come back tomorrow if we didn't get a load. I was told that it was all walk-ins, just come in and see.
As I walked back out to the truck I ran my tongue over my clean teeth. I could actually count my teeth with my tongue. I was hoping that I could get some of the other work done tomorrow.
When I got to the truck Pops told me that we had gotten a load but didn't have to leave until in the morning. I told him all about what the dentist had said. He told me that he wished I could've gotten more done too.
I called into the dentist and asked if he would be willing to do any of that work yet today. He asked which I wanted done. He could pull the 2 teeth, or he could pull one tooth and fix the cavity on the same side. 
I asked if he would do it all. He said most people would not do well with all that work. I said I can probably handle it. He told me to come back in. 
He said he was going to pull the teeth first, see how I was doing then decide if I could handle the fillings.
The teeth came out easily. And I gave the go ahead for the fillings. I was so so numb. My tongue felt like a great big sponge in my mouth.
The fillings went pretty quickly. 
He told me that I got the Gold Star Award for best patient of the week. 
He gave me prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotic. 

One day has now passed. We crossed the mountains and spent the day in Denver. Pops did the driving. I feel pretty good actually. I don't have any bruising and only a little swelling. 
I drove a few hours late this afternoon. 
I think I made a good decision to get it all done.
It is so hard to get those kinds of things done in this line of work.

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