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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Roy Christian Church

We attended church this morning in Roy, Utah. We went to the Roy Christian Church. 
We did a drive by yesterday and saw that their parking lot was on the small side, but we noticed some parking about 3-4 blocks down the street.
So this morning we got ready and arrived there about 15 minutes before the service began. 
We were greeted so warmly from the moment walked in the door. 
They have 2 services and the traditional service is first. That is the one we attended. It was a very nice service. The speaker this morning was a young man named, Will Crow. He just returned from a CIY conference in Oregon. He told me later that it is only the second time he has ever spoke in front of a congregation. He did a really good job preaching on Ephesians 4:1-16, Unity in Christ.
After this service there is a time of food and fellowship. We got some coffee and snacks and enjoyed talking with some of the people. 
Then we went to Sunday School. They just started the Book of Ephesians so we covered the introduction and then got into the first few verses. It was a great discussion time. Sunday School is also the best time to get to know more of the members. It was so nice talking with Pat and Teresa.
After church, Pops and I walked back to our truck, stopped for some groceries then drove to the truckstop. 
Pops got his restart and I will have mine by 5am. So hopefully we will get a good load offer and get moving again.

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