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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I could tell you but then.......

Sorry this post is a little late in getting out there. We have been non stop busy. 
Well, this week started with a military pickup near Richmond, KY and going near Savannah, GA. I really can't go into detail about the nature of these loads, obviously.

We got there late at night and had to wait in a secure holding area until the next morning to get unloaded. I thought that after that we might get to linger in Savannah for a while but we got a load after only a short time.

It was picking up in Lynchburg, VA and going to Baltimore, MD. It was a radioactive load. We had only ever done one of those before. When we had dogs we couldn't do them. And we were always told that they were nightmare loads to pickup and deliver because of all the inspections and waiting. We did wait at the pickup but it wasn't unbearable.

After we delivered the radioactive load we got another load that was going to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It, too, was a classified load. Sorry I don't have much to tell but I really don't want to put my job in jeopardy by giving away any information. 
For us it's really not all that interesting anyway. We just love the travel and scenery.

We completed a very good and very satisfying week. It is good for us when we are busy. We hate to just sit around. We like to go. 
We figure if we are going to be away from home, then we want to be busy and not sitting around. Some drivers like to sit around, mostly at the casinos, but we have never done that and don't intend to start now.
I guess we will get a break now. It is Friday. So we will probably have to sit and get our hours reset so that we will be ready to roll again by Monday.

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