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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Our neighbor's campsite. He slept in the camo hammock.

Phil and Ronald

We spent the weekend camping and enjoying the Winning at Winchester Meeting.
We were contacted by our friend, Phil Hanze. He needed a driver to get him there. 
The problem was he was in Charlotte, NC and we were in Jacksonville, FL.
We talked to our truck owner and Phil and came to the agreement that he would pay for the fuel for us to deadhead there and then we would drive him to Winchester.
We enjoyed the weekend too.
There were 11 preaching sessions plus a ladies session. 
Pops and I haven't camped out in a tent for many many years, but we didn't mind at all.
It was pretty hot, but we managed.
Lucy was a real good sport about all the changes in routine.
On Sunday there was a pig roast picnic. It was fantastic.
Yes, it was a good weekend. Pretty much as soon as we got back to our truck we got a good load.
Our campsite

Lucy on the way there

Winning at Winchester
Lee Mason, preaching Sunday morning service.

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